Substitute Teacher Taped Talking About “Conspiracy Theories” in High School Class Under Attack

Substitute Teacher In Trouble After Talking About “Bizarre Conspiracy Theories” in Class. TRANSLATION: He taught the kids about False Flag Terrorism, …




  1. I thank this substitute teacher for teaching the truth. Too bad 98% of the public are blind to the truth. I give this teacher 5 STARS.

  2. Great find Mark!  I guess now they need to bring in the Psychiatrist to treat the students now and ensure they maintain the ominous "Ostrich Head in the Sand" Syndrome that is a serious illness that permeates many parts of this country.

  3. What it really comes down to is that the parents should get involved in what their kids are learning in school. And the ones who are concerned, should be asking the parents what they are teaching our kids. Let us never forget.

  4. How could a substitute teacher be under "attack" lol. They are like babysitters. They are expected to just goof around and talk about whatever they want for the most part and don't necessarily represent a school district. Even if it was a teacher who cares? But then again it's the USA your all fucking nuts.

  5. Mark…you are really good at this but if you used an outline instead of just winging it you would be far more effective.  Not saying you are not effective now, I just think if you prepped just a little more, it would sound just a little more collected.  Just a suggestion, not criticism.  Loved you going after Kevin Trudeau!  5 stars!  A+! 

  6. I do believe that YOU do not understand. It is not up to him what he teaches, it IS up to the institution of which he employed. Which supplies a curriculum by which he would work within its boundaries… NOT start making shit up and imparting his own opinion and conjectural arguments.
    What YOU are talking about is garbage mate!
    Given your argument… then it would be ok for any idiot with alternative views to teach our children!
    Think it through just a little more.
    PS: I have noticed that probably all but a few HERE, are not a PARENT.

  7. Yes! I hate common core with a passion. I feel as if I'm being taught as a 5th grader would be. I'm a senior, it's outrageous. Government bribes force students to become lab-rats.

  8. I know a couple of people who has children that asked about creationism in science class and got sent to the principal's office. I understand not everyone believes in God, but children have the right to ask that question. It's like you can't even ask questions anymore.

  9. "Such a good government we have there that they would commit (or remotely provoke) terrorism in (against) their own capitol and then blame it on another country (or furious victims of covert torture cast as terrorist leaders or mentally unstable mass murderers) so they could justify their pre-planned response (as a means of perpetuating their illegitimate covert operations as well as mass gathering of support and resources) …"

    This is the standard in all areas of operation. Is anyone else seeing the solution yet?

  10. So the students are braindead because they dont know about conspiracy theories and the student that filmed the teacher is brain dead for recording the teacher well that makes sense so basically anyone who doesnt know about conspiracy theories or films their teacher or likes to wear the most expensive clothes and look nice is a moron so basically everyone has to be like you to be smart by the way what do you do for a living oh yeah videos about the illuminati and their gonna control our brains which people have been saying will happen since 2005 and earlier at least the students are actually studying for something

  11. How ironic that the advertisement at the beginning of this video was a lying, murdering, bi sexual who becomes president of the US. (Netflix House of Cards)  God's not gonna tolerate this long.

  12. I really wish a teacher would have helped open my eyes up when I was younger, it would have saved me alot of time, though admittedly I was so oblivious in high school and cloudy minded that I wouldn't even have listened.

  13. At first I used to listen to mark dice cause I thought that he his mission was to produce Justice and reveal truth. That's until he dropped the N word on one of his videos. Since then, through research, I came to the conclusion that THERE IS NO ILLUMINATI! The only "conspiracy" is the practice of Racism/White Supremacy against the Black and/or Non-White (People of Color) of the known Universe. Mr. Dice knows this, but won't admit it because he's white, and like ALL White people, has benefitted from the unjust system of Racism/White Supremacy. Am I saying that all white people practice Racism, NO! But ALL Whites have benefitted from this EVIL PRACTICE. Therefore it is just and correct to say that; ALL Whites are Suspected Racists/White Supremacists. Until they prove otherwise by replacing the System of Racism/White Supremacy with a better System called Justice!

  14. Mark Dice. I rarely watch a video full through, but you do know the material for the class was on physics, not politics, right? Wont be subscribing.

  15. Fortunately this nut case was fired. I'm glad the kids were smart enough to fall for his "inside job" garbage. I'm in favor of kids learning the truth but this guy flat out lies. I hope he never is allowed to "teach" children again!

  16. God believers are just as hilarious as those that believe in Darwin and his failure to prove human evolution. We didn't see man evolve from apes. We also never saw any other species evolve into a totally different one since. But you have faith it happened. That, is a belief in evolution. The big bang? Wouldn't it have to had been an infinite explosion to toss an infinite amount of earth like planets about? So doesn't that mean the big bang is still happening? Meaning that solar systems are still being being created due to it? Like a shock wave of creation that just doesn't end? Who put that space junk there to begin with? I don't have a religion, but I do believe, just like you do in the hope that one day, you'll find that missing link, in intelligent design. If your community has found any world shattering news, let us know. Debating is always the best way to see new angles.

  17. Wow, I feel blessed to have grade school teachers teaching my kids truth rather than the ridiculous "core" curriculum teachers are pretty much forced to teach our kids. Our teachers still have to use the core model per se, but they have learned to work around it , from the school boards thru the administration they know what is going down and teach our kids to question EVERYTHING! Also, my father was one of the first DEA agents in this country, a friend of Nelson Rockefeller , he would visit him at one of the Rockefellers little known get-a-ways in Woodstock, Vermont. I was only 5 years old but I can recall meeting him once and he teased me about being shy. What really stuck with me was how genuinely nice he was to me- these NWO people seem to be all about contradiction, contrast, conflict, this dual aspect to them that is so reminiscent of Mk ultra, where they are capable of appearing normal and even altruistic on the one hand yet cruel , and quite capable of dispicable acts of evil on the other.'

  18. schools are stupid… nothing but brainwashing kids on bullshit.. tell our kids how this world really is… kudos to this teacher.. my rolemodel all teachers should be like this

  19. I was suspended from school for doing a report on the attempted coup by Prescott bush and friends where they attempted to pay Maj Gen Smedley  Butler you use WW1 veterans to overthrow our government . the teacher flipped out and said that my report was not true even though I provided a mountain of proof.  at that point I talked my mom into pulling me out of public school system. the government run school system is a tool to dumb down and control the minds of the youth.

  20. I teach sociology and psychology to 10th graders and part of my lesson plan includes conspiracy theories. They even watched Zeitgeist in class. We also talk about religion and how it's OK to believe in something different. I personally do not believe in a higher power or a god what ever you might call it. we have debates on religion. I am teaching them to see all points of view, not just one. I am not here to make up their mind for them. I am here to give them the knowledge to make an educated decision.

  21. this poor child needs a better history lesson. And basically I think the poor kid needs to be awakened. He'll just be another one of those brain dead kids just going through life snitching on other adults reading out other people and just another loser. God bless that teacher. We need more teachers like this teacher here. I suggest that we give this teacher the Golden Apple

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