STRANGEST Pop Culture Conspiracy Theories of All Time…

OPEN ME FOR ALL OF THE THINGS! Check out Andrew’s video here: http://bit.ly/2tZGUgm I was inspired to do this video by Michelle Platti! Watch her video …




  1. The black and white picture of him holding the baby to his chest looks photoshopped because if you lighten it, the baby’s head isn’t even touching his chest. If you’ve ever had a child you know at that age they can’t hold their own heads up.

  2. For the first conspiracy, a lot of celebs send ‘bait’ pics. Meaning they send fake pics to ppl they aren’t sure they should trust to see if they leak it. Kim Kardashian did that before to figure out who was leaking her info.

  3. Here‘s my opinion on Babygate…
    I don‘t believe it‘s true, but I do believe there is something to it.
    Most people know, that Louis and Brianna were only dating briefly or not even really dating at all and just sleeping together, when it was all over the news that Brianna was pregnant (even though I believe that Louis and Harry may have been in a relationship at one point, I truly think he is Freddie‘s dad).
    But because they were still really young at that point, the baby wasn‘t planned and they weren‘t happy with the situation of becoming parents without even knowing eachother for too long, I believe that even by the time of the birth, they didn‘t really get along…
    They didn‘t experience the pregnancy together like a lot of other couples do and I can imagine Louis wasn‘t at the hospital when Freddie was born and maybe didn‘t even see him directly after it (not saying he is a bad father, I just think the situation was really difficult for the both of them, especially in the beginning).
    And that‘s where Babygate starts I guess..
    He has a team, who manages him and does media control, and I think people would have judged him and been really hard on him for not being involved in the life of his son.
    So to ease the situation and make people believe they have a great relationship, his team tweeted from his account, photoshopped pictures, etc.
    Because by posting about it, people were talking about him, news were reporting about it and everything seemed „normal“ and just like every other time, a celeb couple had a baby.

  4. The Louis Tomlinson theory makes me so upset 😂 I’ve been a fan of the band for years and it’s just… ugh.

    Louis is a dad and some “fans” just can’t accept it

  5. I think if Larry was even real, I think seeing the amount of people who are coming out and being accepted, they would come out if they were actually together

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