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  1. did anyone else notice when steve put the demo dog in the fridge when it was ‘dead’. it just made me wonder because will would always say ‘he likes it cold’ so how do we know that the demo dogs aren’t the same. the temperature in the fridge could possibly bring it back to life? idk. my parents watched it after i did and that’s what my dad thought too, but i haven’t seen anyone else notice it. maybe that could somehow come back and idk maybe produce more demo dogs without re-opening the gate. idk though

  2. Bobs death actually broke me oml like I don’t cry often at/with tv shows but that shit was just so sad..

    I also cried at the snowball scene when Dustin didn’t have a date idk why season 2 just made me an emotional wreck

  3. I dont think kali will open the gate because unlike eleven she can only do things people can see but it isnt real. Eleven can actually do things.

  4. i feel like it will get out in some way but the host won’t be will. i feel like it might be dustin, my reasoning. he got attached to dart and we don’t know if dart is still alive, so maybe dart might come back and lure him into the upside down and might make dustin become the new host. idk. just a thought to share🤷🏼‍♀️

  5. I was watching stranger things season 3 auditions and a girl was acting and saying that when the gate open she went through to show people that she isn’t something you can through away so I believe that what she was reading is Barbara script so I believe that Barbara come back in season 3 #justiceforbarb

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