Stranger Things Fan Theories That Just Might Be True

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  1. Maybe the demagorgans and demadogs are dogs and people who got lost in the upside down. And them starving made them loose weight and go mad. The mouth is the symptoms of the air

  2. I don’t think so many people would’ve had a problem with ep. 7 if more of the main cast was in it and if it was just Cali and not her wannabe criminal friends. We also don’t see much of elevens actual personality in the episode as she’s just being yelled at to be angry and vengeful the whole time

  3. What if the numbers represented how powerful they are, eight being lower and less powerful and eleven being more powerful? dunno just a guess

  4. I honestly do not get the hate for Kali, she's a good character (as a character per say, not the nature), she might corrupt El but instead she did the complete opposite (unintentionally). She's pretty darn important for El's growth in season 2, where El seems to do nothing but trapped in the cottage. People probably hate how they looked, it's the 80's mate.

  5. I really hope they don't change the cast like in Diary of Wimpy kid and say well they were aging
    Also I love Jonathan so much and he hasn't done anything super cool so far.I hop they give him more spot light in 3rd season.

  6. Season 1=Steve didn't deserve Nancy
    Season 2= Nancy didn't deserve Steve
    And we didn't deserve Bob

    I think I deserve 1 like

  7. The fact that Hopper’s daughter died while he wasn’t living in Hawkins, and was ‘a big city cop’ at that time kind of shows that second theory to be bogus

  8. Season 1 was great. Season 2, I'm disappointed. I was hoping that it would be a completely different story line. Different characters, different stranger things. I was three episodes in to season 2, boredom struck and now I'm done.

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