Stanley Kubrick Moon Landing Conspiracy

John Doe investigates the rumor that Stanley Kubrick helped NASA fake the moon landing in 1969. Subscribe –http://goo.gl/9AGRm Did Stanley Kubrick leave …




  1. Only those very naive and with little confidence in their own abilities to assess physics and facts still believe the US made it to the moon.
    1. The Van Allen radiation belts would have cooked them
    2. Radiation on the moon would have cooked them
    3. The space suits had no cooling – batteries are claimed but you cant even get a battery  to cool AND power a cellphone.
    4 They pretend the LEM was battery cooled. 12 CAR batteries couldn't even cool it
    5. The Lunar lander had it struck a single piece of rock and toppled over… well imagine
    the whole world watching astronauts suffocating on the moon never getting off it. Do you really think the US could EVER afford that kind of a PR disaster in the middel of a cold war with the Soviets???
    6. The LEM lift off. The fuel was supposed to be hydracine. Look it up.
    7. the power to weight ratio of the LEM's engines for take off..
    8. for the last time – the average distance to the moon varies. in the 60's 237 was official
    9. The moon photos had no radiation marks on them. zero. they were perfect
    10. The Space Shuttle has never been higher than 400 km – when they tried to go higher the crew saw light flashing for their eyes. The Shuttle was considerably thinker shielded than the Apollo vehicles, yet the bozos saw nothing.
    11. The dutch found out their moon rock was petrified wood.
    12. the reflectors could easily have been put there by any of the non-manned surveyor rockets to the moon.
    .13. professional crews of every subject have noted that no professional expert in his field  jokes and horses around on supercritical life threatening missions like this, ask diving crews etc for a close analogy – these bozos were singing and dancing as if they were on drugs or couldn't give a damn about what they were doing. Idiots.

    all the rest of the irrefutable facts are available in several docus – just not sleek enough for complete morons.

  2. I think we landed but we faked the footage cause there was no way to get the footage from the shuttle to American homes 
    Think about it is USA faked going to the moon USSR satiles would of noticed and they would of called BS

  3. Well, I was looking for proof, and now…I've found it. This is the last moon landing conspiracy video clip you will ever have to look at. Whether you believe in free will, or in determinism, think about it, this is it. The skinny we've all been looking for, the one that closes the books once and for all, ZZZ Best Stanley Kubrick Moon Landing Conspiracy video!!!

  4. watch 2001: a space odyssey a kubrick movie and then watch anything Apollo filmed in space on the moon whatever. It would've been harder to fake it then to go…..

  5. You are hilarious!! Loved this!!. Yes, I believe the whole thing was a big expensive hoax. The whole world is a big checker board. Like George Carlin says, "I don't believe anything the government tell us."

  6. Here is one for your next NASA Moon Hoax video. Watch a little bit of 2001: space odyssey paying attention to cutting edge special effects of that period. Then compare to any apollo footage….actually nevermind none of you ever answer a question!

  7. You know what I don't like and I'd love to hear some feedback, is the constant intentional misrepresentation of the words conspiracy and theory.

    When combined the phrase "conspiracy theorists" doesn't actually mean "crazy person" the words have meanings and together form a cohesive thought.

    Again, conspiracy theory or conspiracy theorist does not mean crazy person!

    Merriam-Websters Online dictionary…


    : a secret plan made by two or more people to do something that is harmful or illegal
    : the act of secretly planning to do something that is harmful or illegal


    : an idea or set of ideas that is intended to explain facts or events
    : an idea that is suggested or presented as possibly true but that is not known or proven to be true
    : the general principles or ideas that relate to a particular subject

  8. Dear Ross Morton, apparently you have never hired an attorney to take on someone (some one else's attorney) in court. Your first appointment with your attorney, you explain what your case is and he picks up the phone and calls your opponent's attorney. There you sit smiling as he lets the other attorney have it. "Tell your client, we're going to do this and that and you guys are in trouble." as he slams down the phone and you smile believing the battle has just started and you (your lawyer) through the first blow. That is was a naive person believes. That is what you apparently would believe Ross. As you leave the office after writing a check the size of half a year's pay you feel as though you are in "good hands". Well guess what happens after you close the attorney's office door and leave. Your attorney calls your opponent back and they together laughingly discuss the REAL case they are going to put you through. Then at the close of the call they confirm the golf date they have together that next Saturday. DO YOU GET THE PICTURE, DO YOU SEE NOW THE REALITY, ROSS? Now let me explain about the Soviet Union and the United States. THE REALITY OF IT ALL!! The leaders of the Soviet Union and the leaders of the United States have more in common with each other than they have with themselves and the common (naive) citizenry. They booth use each other in the role of "BOGEY MAN" and extract billions and billions of dollars from the citizenry to arm each other and put the money in the banks of the "military industrial complex. You feel safer and they are richer. The world's leaders on on their own team together. They both profited from each other's space race. Why would the USSR need to spill the beans on the USA given this arrangement? Now a history lesson about he end of the 60s and the beginning of the 70s. the Soviet Union couldn't produce enough food to feed their people. The were mass food shortages. But along, at that time, came the United States and their huge food production in the form of Wheat and grain. Our farms produced more than we could consume. That's why we had subsidies given our farmers for "NOT PRODUCING". As with some crops today the American farmer is subsidiesd not to grow certain crops. The United States had agreed for the first time ever to sell Wheat and Grain to the Russians. It was huge news. We wondered at the time why we were doing this but we later chocked it up to our great kindness.
    Go google the Wheat sales to Russia. Now, given the REALITY of the world we really live in answer your own question, Ross.
    Wouldn't have the Soviets just said, " NA NA NA, YOU DIDN'T GO TO THE MOON, I'M TELLING……………
    And another bit of news hot off the press for the NAIVE ……… Apollo 11 had to be faked because we just were not ready. It wasn't the plan from the beginning, it was a desperate play at worked. We won the ridiculous space race, no one has even pretended to go to the moon again. And for all that money we do have TANG, Velcro, better computers and several other things. We still don't have a space suit that will protect astronauts if we (they) ever decide to go to other planetary bodies again.
    Even aspects of the ISS is suspect and manny of their videos are obviously produced on green screens not in space. Why they do that, I don't know. Next time you go to a lawyer's office ask him why he had to fake that call in front of you? If you have the courage to deal with the truth. It isn't easy, It isn't easy. Disappointing isn't it? It shouldn't be this way but we are adults and have to deal with the truth if we are to get anywhere.

  9. If we can 'land on the moon' in the 1960's- what is stopping us now? Go back with all this wonderful new technology, verify the footprints, American flag that was planted into the moons surface…. – Plus we all know it was a total coincidence that Gus Grissom and other astronauts who might have spoken about the whole thing being a sham happened to be incinerated/murdered because they might speak out – seems a bit strange why you would destroy equipment that helped you land on the moon…surely it should have been preserved…? The whole thing fucking stinks…!!!

  10. 01:24 "Rumsfeld offered to go and negotiate personally with Stanley Kubrick.
    Where is the proof of this? There is none, is is pure speculation.

    "He and Henry Kissinger flew to England that same evening.
    Again, where is there even a scrap of evidence that this flight ever really took place?

    Kubrick was surprised and amused by the idea, but began by refusing.
    When and where did this purported meeting take place? What evidence is there?

    "Rumsfeld wouldn't give up"
    This intimates deep knowledge of the meeting. Perhaps, minutes were taken? Where are they? How does the publisher have access, when the rest of the world doesn't?

    "We're only asking you to do one thing, just leave us the keys to the studio for one weekend, just so that we can shoot a bit of film and take a few shots. Everything will be tidied up again by Monday morning. Kissinger flattered him, telling that Dr. Strangelove was one of Nixon's favourite films. In the end, Kubrick agreed.
    The fake footage would be shot in the MGM studios in England, near Borehamwood with a skeleton crew. The two technicians and two actors would be CIA agents."

    This is wilder than any script for a "B" movie. It goes into great detail of what they claim to have happened without presented even the vaguest shred of supporting material.
    That a Youtuber could get access to such information, when the sleuths of the world's media couldn't is just laughable.

    Apart from that, Kubrick was an idealist and this sort of nonsense would have had him running to the tabloids in double quick time.

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