Stanley Kubrick Illuminati Sex Parties Conspiracy

Was Stanley Kubrick killed by the Illuminati for exposing the Illuminati’s sex cult? Should we cover more conspiracy theories like this? We want to know your …




  1. as soon as Grace said to like it I straight up liked the video. always a fan of conspiracy theories.

    that "tell me this!" scared me. I was looking away. it was funny

  2. I love conspiracy theories like this (don't really believe any of them, but like to entertain the idea and think up my own theories). And much like the Murder with Friends series, this is right up Grace's alley, so I'd love if this became like a recurring thing. Please do more!

  3. Oh, Hassan you're going to make them girls and boys faint after hearing you've attended a sex orgy party, but not participate???. Grace, you're always a pleasure to watch?.

  4. the moon landing was a hoax. NASA is a hoax-Nazis. The globe is a hoax. The earth is flat. Space is not what they've told us.

  5. not only illuminati, he confessed to faking the moon landing in 99 4 days b4 he died..funny how eyes wide shut was still released by Hollywood elites huh

  6. Kubrick is on the same level as any of the great artists of the past that have been semi-deified in our culture. 2001 is one of the most amazing works of art ever created.

  7. Hey @PopTrigger… I love you guys! Just found you on YouTube! CMTFckUp! (Crackin Me The F*ck Up!) Anyway, I'm just now hear about this guy Stanley Kubrick. I've seen a couple of his movies, but "Eyes Wide Shut" was cRaZy to me! But I'm very educated on Bohemian Grove. ? So I know that was a glimpse of the real deal…!

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