Spiritual Awakening Caused by Conspiracy Theories

Conspiracy theories can cause spiritual awakening to take a negative turn. Negative information about the reality of life on earth or even the universe, …




  1. glad someone is making sense.  fear mongering is never a sign of a good thing and usually done to sell books… then the readers of the books spread that fear… offer no real solution and no real evidence that we should even be afraid.  It is most often presented in an elitist way in that "i know and you don't so heed my warning, you'll regret not listening to my enlightened thoughts"  such blatant ego tripping.  I really enjoyed your outlook… true or not present positive energy, solution based… that is the difference between a Skeptic (which i am) and a Cynic who by definition criticizes without offering a better solution or way of looking at the material.  

  2. Twin towers. The anger & frustration has long left me for 2 reasons. First I wasn't directly affected. Second the truth will never out. Waste of energy. I keep an open mind re the Nibiru stuff but again if true there's little to nothing we can do about it!

  3. I don't consider myself a "conspiracy theorist" I consider myself a realist. I experienced my spiritual awakening when studying the paranormal and having a odd interest In stars. But I never awakened negatively. My soul is from the Hyades. I am a Hyadean, very similar to a lightworker.

  4. Conspiracy Realism being connected to spiritual awakening is a fact that is fascinating in and of itself. (Also, most truly awakened Conspiracy realists do not believe in aliens just for the record) My experience of those who wake up and think about conspiracy is that they are NOT negative at all. A spiritual awakening if it is truly thus, can never be negative. The new age movement encourages a passive, laissez-faire spirit that only perpetuates oppression of the awakened, very often. Some of the message here is wonderful, but it implies that most of those who wake up because of or parallel to a conspiracy realization get very hostile about it. This is not the case. We ought to never confuse PASSION with ANGER/MALICE.

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