Sony Notebook Battery Recall a GPS Surveillance Trick Say Conspiracy Theorists

Properly by now we have all read about the Dell Firms remember on individuals batteries which supposedly will catch on fire and burn up your butt on individuals lap tops or essentially they will most possible burn up one thing else if they catch fire. Now we see that Apple Computer systems also has the trouble and has recalled some 1.4 million personal computers as properly. Ouch?

Indeed it is a main bummer for laptop computer manufactures, it appears to be all these units had Sony Batteries, bummer for them much too. But all this is aged news to you I can see, but right here is the kicker. I talked to a retired NSA dude or so he claimed at a area espresso shop in Brunswick, GA and he informed me that the remember was phony and it is a trick.

Properly I imagined, this I have to listen to, so what is the trick? Properly he claimed the new batteries have GPS RFID chips in them to monitor the personal computers and so when you swap the batteries underneath these remembers they will know everywhere you go? Who is they I wondered?

In truth he claimed they ended up the magic formula NSA police and they ended up functioning with the aliens to monitor human beings since all the human beings are having plump and ready for harvest. No wonder People are so body fat, as they have been feeding us fattening meals to get them ready for the slaughter homes I imagined? Properly, it appeared to me that this homeless vet, in no way labored for the NSA, but was an superb tale teller, so I gave him a idea. The FBI is using the services of and right here is $5.00 to get some more alcoholic beverages and freshen up for his occupation job interview.

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