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  1. Can you please do a video on Morgellons disease?! It's super Mysterious and some think it's linked to chemtrails and nanotechnology particles

  2. My family works there, when I was a kid one of these family members would always make me stare at the strange art like they wanted me to study it. Was really weird, I believe they took some of those art pieces down because people found it offensive.

  3. The Au Ag symbol made me think of Fort Knox, they say there is actually no gold in Fort Knox anymore, that it's been moved. They just keep up appearances and pretend it's there. So what if they moved the gold reserve underneath the Denver airport?

  4. Why do these conspiracy theories always conveniently leave so many "messages" that would blow its cover for no good reason. You'd think if you actually were to make some super secret airport for super secret reasons, you wouldn't leave clues everywhere, lol.

  5. This was my very first conspiracy story and an eye opener, I was a new person and a lot more open to conspiracy theories after learning all about this airport. im so glad you covered it

  6. I’m like pretty sure it’s a giant bunker and facility for the elite. Obama was rushed there when Someone threatened the us with something ( I don’t remember what exactly) but that tells me it’s a hideout for the elite

  7. My mom told me a story about how when my older sister was little they were at that airport and a older lady tried to lure my sister away from my mom. So trafficking kinda comes to mind for me

  8. Just realized if i ever wanted to be in the illuminati i mightve already ruined my chance by exposing them:| snap or other way around;)

  9. I LOVE conspiracy theories!! Not that I believe them all lol. I'd really like it if you did a conspiracy theory video on the Free Masons! They seem super mysterious.

  10. Ever heard on the RAS syndrome? RAS stands for redundant acronyms syndrome syndrome. It is when there is an acronym like PIN where the last letter stands for number and people say PIN numbers even though the n stands number

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