Sitting Down with QAnon Conspiracy Theorists – The Jim Jefferies Show

Jim gathers a group of QAnon conspiracy theorists to find out just how outlandish their beliefs are. Subscribe to Comedy Central: …




  1. Michelle's pickle "n" eggs weren't bulging out on Ellen! That whole part must have been Photoshop video magic! Or a mess up with the camera! Now Serena Williams, I'm not so sure… Just kidding!…..
    Or am I?😏
    + +
    —– )

  2. i like how this one idiot came up with "every foto of the earth is cgi by nasa". oh yeah? remember back on christmas when j.lovell came up with the earth rising photo from the orbit of the moon while nasa hat computers big like houses who where so fucking lame that they couldnt run any gameboygardrigde these days?

  3. They're like children. I don't care if they believe all this stupid nonsense, as long as they keep to themselves and don't hurt anyone but themselves.

  4. We should listen to the conspiracies out there. Being a questioner of ideas and the information that is feed to us through media and modern life is not a bad thing. I highly recommend Jordan Sather (Destroying the Illusion) he is a very good guy with great ideas. And remember people, that the way they edit these shows is deceiving.

  5. Obviously edited to make the Q researchers seem stupid, but future proves past!, If this makes some people look for themselves, it's a good thing.

  6. Does…does Poe's Law still apply when you can see and hear the people making claims?
    Because I honestly can't tell if these people are putting on a brilliant joke or are genuinely this crazy and stupid.

  7. Anyone else remember back when comedy central used to be about actual comedy rather than a platform for pushing their political agenda?

  8. Omg 🤣 these people chugged the cool aid 😂🤣 I can’t even take it lol this is a whole new level of crazy… these people need to be locked away.

  9. Mike Judge is a visionary. It’s going to be even worse in the future than he could have ever imagined. The Internet was supposed to help people be more productive not help them become more stupid and go insane.

  10. If this is your research to "debunk" Qanon you should be laughed at, do your own research and think for yourself and you will see Q is right about many things they post, but no one knows exactly who they are.

  11. So many dumb people!. Qanon has never once provided any credible information!. It's like you go to a fortune teller and they tell you obvious things. Just another snake oil salesman.

  12. I don't know who these four clowns are. But they were a poor choice to convince people about the Q drops. Just do me a favor save this show and watch it again a year from now. You'll be amazed at little you knew!

  13. Fiji water comes from new Zealand. The Chinese flew a plane into Fiji and picked up a load of hookers who were there. That's about all the trafficking going on there.

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