SILLIEST Stupidest Conspiracy Theories

Conspiracy theories have been around way before the internet, however, this world wide web and the spread of information, whether accurate fact or delusional hearsay have made these plausible,…




  1. Why do you need to talk shit about Secureteam10? Tyler is fucking awesome and doesn't deserve to be dissed like that.

  2. This chick has no clue is probably just a computer generated image anyways she gives no basis no factoring no anything to back up anything she says, the B S IS VERY thick I hope you got your boots on

  3. For Floride look up Wikipedia. When reacting with HCL in your Stomach it creates FCL which weakens and possible destroy Cells it amasses in the Brain, but is excreted when stopped consuming. You can safely brush your Teeth with Floride( Aminfloride) Toothpaste. Just don't swallow. I watched two of your Videos. Sloppy Research, if you can't even google, how do you make Vids.

  4. No choice wether or not fluoride is in my water. Where the fuck is my freedom America. Very un American!!!!!! Yup it's poison I'm already bushing with it 2x ED why drink it allday2 makes no sense. WAKEUP!!!!

  5. Robert Kardashian is not Ted Cruz, they are not the same person, and Adolf Hitler never escaped and lived a life of secrecy, he died with his woman and their kids and the dog by poisoning them, Adolf shot himself after he swallowed his poison, the men that were to cremate the bodies made one mistake, the fuel that was used was a slow burning chemical and because of that the Russians were not that far away and when they got there they noticed something burning, they thought is that a body in there and put out the fire to examine what was not consumed, they found a skull and then they matched the dental records, those Germans boy are they good with keeping good records, the ex ray was spot on, why, because Hitler had dental work and the ex ray is of that work there was no dought it had to be him. If they had used a liquid that would heat very quickly and burn fast, by the time the Russians or Americans got there the body would have been cremated and therefore the dental records would be useless in proving it was indeed Hitlers. Hitler has the same problem Charles Manson has he's now living in purgatory for eternity. Happy Thanksgiving Everybody

  6. Crypto Queen has lost a lot of credibility, in my opinion, with this video! Especially with regards to what her own channel is about!

  7. Do your research Talltanic, a lot of these ' conspiracy theories ' are actually true.
    Your tone is very condescending , I smell something fishy here.
    Are you trying to throw people off track of the truth ?!?!?!?!
    Two thumbs down👎👎

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