Shocking Rumors that Turned Out to be True

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  1. Let's be clear: Jenner NEVER 'transitioned' to being a female. Putting on a dress and some makeup does not a woman make.

  2. Why do you think Travolta is a Scientologist? They are blackmailing him. He'd rather tell people he believes that nonsense rather than him come out of the closet.

  3. Think Charlie had the last laugh with those hookers?Oh and Angelina single now? YIP! And a utter darling?Send her on a humanitarian mission to me PLEASE!! She'll fall head over heels and beg to marry me and then Megan fox and Scarlett Johansson with Natalie Portman joining in! One big happy king sized bed of sheer happiness ??

  4. Don't blame the Travolta rumours on him being a gifted artist. The rumours have ALWAYS come from "witness accounts", there is nothing stereotypically "gay" about him and even if there was that still wouldn't be half a clue. The rumours with Travolta have ALWAYS come from behind the scenes, not people thinking he "seems" gay.

  5. You,re scrapping the bottom of the barrel with Liberace Because all those that remember him are nearly dead and already knew that he was a fag and those that did not know that dont know who he was and dont give a crap.

  6. no one else thinks something is fishy about Princess Diana's death? she was dating an arab at the time… so i always had a horrible feeling that someone wanted her dead, cuz they didnt stand the possibility of having arab kids to be prince william and Henrys' half brother or sister…

  7. Princess Diana was just a breeder for Charles. He never planned to stay married to her, he has an obligation to marry royalty, that's where that ugly Camila comes in….and the queen is reptilian

  8. James Frey's book had helped a lot of people cope with their difficult lives but Oprah selfishly outed him without any thought to how this book could keep helping people all because her feelings were hurt. You're a winner, You're a winner, You're a winner even though you will have to sell the car because you can't afford the taxes on it.

  9. We all know that government has spied on us, some more than others but especially since love Islamic terrorism reared it's ugly head in America in 2001.

  10. It's funny how Angelina Jolie is bragging saying she can't wait til her kids are older so they can watch Mr & Mrs Smith and see how they parents fell in love……… Nah, they going to see that their mother is a slut that took another Woman's man!!!!!! I HATE Angelina Jolie for what she did to Jennifer Aniston. Angelina will ALWAYS be known as a home wrecking hoe that took another woman's man. That's why she been taking L's ever since lmao. Karma is real guys!

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