Shocking Recent Conspiracies

From a strange conspiracy about Coca-Cola to the Bilderberg group being exposed, these are some of the most shocking recent conspiracies. Do you believe …




  1. guns dont kill people, people kill people, idaho has the highes gun rates in the country and you dont see any shootings or gun violence here but you look at chicago and L.A. and they have limitid guns. but they both have the highest gun rate violence in the country. what I say is that im sticking with my guns and im not gonna let obama take em

  2. I gotta love YouTube. I have seen conspiracy theories naming Reptilians, Masons, Jews, Christians, Atheists, Muslims, Satanists, The Illuminati, Feminists, The Patriarchy, Alien Overlords, A Nameless International Cabal, The Devil, Coca Cola, Wal-Mart, Microsoft, Apple, Fake Moon Landing, Kennedy's Assassination, Dennis Rodman, Flouride in the Drinking Water, Chemtrails, The Bilderberg Group, Interdimensional Beings, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Time Cubes, Police, The CIA, Black Ops, Television, News Media, Skull and Crossbones, Banks, Money, Conservatives, Liberals, The Government, NASA, Black People, White People, Asian People, Rich People, Gay People, Transgender People, People that live in the center of the hollow Earth, Time Travelers, Communists, Socialists, Drug Lords, Demons, Holograms, The Matrix, Area 51, Mind Control Beacons, GMO's,  and a whole slew of other theories.  I have heard the Earth is flat, the Universe is an app, and the sky is a hologram, the Earth is only 5,000 years old, fossils are fakes planted by Satan, dinosaurs didn't make it to the Ark, and Earth is the center of the universe. Woohoo!

  3. working class people are at war with our Governments as they are trying to fine new ways to control people, & they are now starting to loos the fight.

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