In today’s Episode of Couples Reacts we react to POPULAR 2017 CONSPIRACY THEORIES and the one about the iPhone is true because we tried it!! Original Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xM2…




  1. Another survival tip: If you're getting pulled over late at night (or even in the middle of the day on a lonely dark road,) put on your flashers to let the officer know you saw them and pull into the next service station. A lot of people like to pretend to be cops, this can help keep you safe. (:

  2. I forgot where but I remember someone saying how this helps your phone recognize things, kinda like the locations. This was only part of a project where it can provide instant photos for quick searches. Like google, but without having to physically tag the photo, but with self identification.

  3. Wendy Williams Actually Did Pass Out From dehydration because on time I was playing soccer and didn't have no water and I passed out. my friend recorded it then called my mom to show her proof so.yeahh

  4. You guys should react to buzzfeed unsolved series! I bet you would enjoy them if you like spooky theories and such + they can be really funny too

  5. Have you guys seen the videos where Shane gives Garret a makeover and then in the next video he sets up a blind date for him?? If you haven't I would love to see a reaction to those because they are hilarious and amazing, thank you! : )

  6. Dude the iPhone ad thing is SO FREAKING REAL! I found out that I might be diabetic a month or so ago. The same day (could have been a day or two after, not really sure.) I started seeing ads for blood sugar monitors on Facebook and even on my FREAKING MUSIC APP!! I hadn’t really seen any before that, so I absolutely believe in this theory.

  7. I kind of think that there's been so many musicians over the years that the record companies can't come up with perfectly unique albums covers for everyone so they sometimes reuse the cover art style once enough time has passed that people 'forget' about it.

  8. why would you go to someone’s driveway? They would just stalk them n thats not okay lol. You’re supposed to pull into a public place & call the cops.

  9. The other weird thing is when Wendy Williams fainted and that attacked happened in New York this freaked me out cuz Wendy was dressed as the statue of liberty that's ducking freaky

  10. Jasmine: Let me see your photos. Dwayne: Taking His time Jasmine: Just go to your photos. Dwayne: Alright I'm going… We all know you got nudes of other women, that's why you're stalling….jk but Foreal guys, good video. Keep up the work. Just got a new subscriber 🙂

  11. Maybe Wendy Williams' fall while wearing a Statue of Liberty is about the fall of USA?? Maybe?? Because, she's wearing the Statue of Liberty.. idk I'm high today

  12. I've occasionally had fainting problems thanks to my lower than average blood pressure, and one of those even was recorded.

    Now I don't freak out like that woman did anymore, it used to be scary losing sight, then feeling incredibly cold, followed by losing most strength in my muscles and going to the floor, but nowadays I'm mostly over it, it only happens once in a blue moon and by now I already know to just kneel down and, given enough time, lay flat on my back.

    My eyes didn't roll back until I hit the floor, because I still had control of them; usually they just get very open because I'm desperately trying to see again.

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