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  1. CHUCKY = CHUCKY the crazy doll (if thats how you spell his name) CHEESES = CHUCKY NEVER CHESSES UNLESS HES UP TO NO GOOD!!! CHUCKY CHEESES LOL CHEESES HAHA IM WERID ANYWAYS THAT PLACE IS HAUNTED IT HAUNTS KIDS IN THEIR DRE`AMS in enjoy my dumb theory and i posted on here when you first posted this..lol

  2. zach was like when i was a kid i was like yayyy and when i went there myself when i was little i whill be using a bunch of coins

  3. That's some dumb ass shit. What would a person need their parent in there with them for? You some cult or something? You don't see McDonald's kicking people out because their under 18 and don't got a parent with them…this is suppose to be a place for kids, the only place i see kicking people out if they are underage is like cigarette shops and pott dispensaries.

  4. Bro when i went there for my brothers 1st b-day the pizza was all messed up and literally i got sooo sick like 15 mins after i ate the pizza

  5. It only fresh bc you got a special order like if it was just pepperoni then yah it would be fucked up but you got the stuffed crust and yk most kids just ask for pepperoni or cheese so they had to make a whole new pizza

  6. You know this whole thing started when a drunk woman went there, ordered a half and half pizza and said it looked weird because the pizza Didn’t look the same aha

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