Today we will be discussing some of Scotlands biggest conspiracy theories, from the loch ness monster to Nicola Sturgeon to the Independence referendum. I even make up my own theories at the…




  1. “Know how when you look at someone and they just scream spice boy”
    😂😂😂 who even are you and where can I get wan ae you? Quality content, quality banter! Some man 👏🏼

  2. friday 13th massacre in France at hard rock eagles concert, was scotish masons for revnge on south african refree craig jourbert took bribes with 3 terrible calls when scotland beat austrlia in playoffs of rugby (we beat them ever since once a massacre scotland is better team). iss works for usa cia us masons. jourbert is of french descent. so fri 13th same date templars got massacred why 12 went to scotland. so also revnge for that and bribe in world cup of rugby. also interesting craig joubert looks like star wars bad guy kly renn which came out 2 months later. also hard rock usa eagles im supposed to have played for embarressing usa eagles rugby team but hawains ruined me as im white. 3 bad calls scot back went for int jourbert kicked him out of game, again stweart hoggs last 3 monutes never called running into kicker, last fumble rooskie should been scrum down to scotland, ball hit ausie guy which ngated knock forward, scot recovred ball when ref blew whistle.

  3. Quote "write the answer as either a cure could be nots weakly there's they bother me", UN-quote! I like your channel and the clever way you go about seeing the world but wading through that Scottish brogue is quite demanding sometimes, the above quote is what YouTube translated what you said about Nicola Sturgeon holding up the news papers.

  4. My conspiracy theory: The entire Scottish population is in a conspiracy to have their own version of English where they understand all other English speaking peoples but no one understands theirs. 🙂 (being born in the south-eastern U.S. I have a problem sometimes being understood by northerners, so I can identify somewhat).

  5. I can confirm from a source embedded in the U.S – with security clearance and a person of integrity from the 1950s and 2018; that the now retired Alex Salmond is MI5. The source is someone who loves Scotland and travelled and met the Scottish people in the 60s and 70s. I've often doubted their accuracy because of my own disbelief but for them to be later proven accurate. Often many years later.
    Most SNP or those who make it to the established political theatre are MI5-6. They number in the thousands and during the "troubles" in Ireland…the MI5-6 controlled most of the IRA and UDA at the top level. This has been verified in later years and many books confirm the existence of high ranking IRA – UDA members as double agents. Using the legitimate causes of social justice and those genuinely wanting to make positive change for their own people and place; as a means of divide and conquer and pure evil ! Of course; some of the ground base have/had no idea that the person they thought as friend and as honorable were paid by the London establishment.
    "the best way to control the opposition (or what you don't want to happen); is to join it."
    No conspiracy here. Along with multiple counts of voting fraud witnessed from the leaked cameras during the farcical and fake "election".
    Mark Twain said truthfully: "if voting made any difference – they wouldn't let us do it."
    By the way. I'm VERY British but the agents who work for the royals and the banking cartels are not British. They are marxist communists – similar in nature to the thousands who worked for the Stazi in east Germany. Who spied and worked against the interests of their own people for money and personal and family rewards.
    THAT:S the reality of the "UK"; and YES !!! Every nation on this planet – like every individual – MUST be sovereign and separate. Otherwise everything become uniform – grey and easy to control. Which is exactly what is happening in 2018. And why they can dump millions of tons of toxic chemicals on your heads (visible by long white lines in the sky); most days.
    The above are proven FACTS. Not conspiracies.
    But how many people can "man up" to the true nature of reality?

  6. My conspiracy theory is that Irn Bru is actually a drug so that’s why it doesn’t really taste like any other drink and people are always drinking it like they’re addicted to it (main reason I thought of this is Irn Bru has just became so popular in my school in the last two weeks and I thought it was strange)

  7. Madeline McCann never existed.
    The government photoshopped her into existence.
    The McCanns are government agents.
    If I go missing you know it's because I was right.

  8. you left out wan of scotland’s main conspiracy’s theory’s. that crap about roslyn chapel the knights templar and aww that holy grail pish !

  9. I live near Inverness and I can tell you, Loch Ness is nowhere near as mysterious as you think it is

    We just getting money off you tourists

  10. Good video apart from the Call of Duty playing in the foreground. It's sooo boring how everyone has just been playing that for years. No one wants to play martial arts games anymore. Yes I know someone will post waaaaa! below

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