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  1. How convenient, My sister named Miranda had made a P.S.A. For Schizophrenia for a Grade. Her an her friends made it. So A girl let's call her Angela has a hard life and then to People from her mind come out and tell her what to do, My Sister was the bad one who said "Lets teach her a lesson" (her is the teacher) and later Angela takes the advice and says "I'm sorry" and kills the teacher which she then is arrested where she says "I wasn't me it was them!". No one is in the room. Also I forgot to add that Angela gets in trouble and says "Thanks guy I got in trouble again". So basically she made a P.S.A on Schizophrenia.

  2. No Shane no the nurse girl got younger and the police girl and you can tell ash catch up Gotten older because he has facial hair now and he’s just short, and the Smurf’s, why Shane why I liked Smurf’s why did you have to say it there was something maybe behind it ok I’m done being mad love your videos Shane! 😊😊

  3. Thank u Shane I'm from da future thank u I said to Rebecca's black Friday to go watch your video and said about the JFK assassination

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