Today Brandon and I discuss some scary (and some true) government conspiracy theories such as chem trails, MK ultra, Nikola Tesla, aliens, men in black, …




  1. I think about that to when I was little I would think am I dreaming and not being woke up because my mom would always write on the board in green but I remembered it turned orange and she always said it is green

  2. Y'all want proof not to believe anything the government tells you. Watch the documentary called What the Health, it's a Netflix and here on YT. Stay woke.

  3. I got one or more conspiracy theories y'all could make a video on…"Operation Northwoods", there being a secret society of nazis in Argentina and across Europe. Towards the end of WW2 thousands of nazis were fleeing Germany and many of them went to Argentina and to this day nazism is big in Argentina but on a secretive level. The theory that the government has been contacting space aliens is not true and that the government has been communicating with the devil and his fallen angels that are passing themselves off as extraterrestrials. Because what those angels were doing to people before the biblical flood is eerily similar to what alien abductees report happens to them when they're abducted. In the world before the flood the fallen angels were having sex with women and the offspring were called nephilim and they were evil. And alien abductees claim they have sperm removed from their bodies and women claim they have their eggs removed or have them fertilized with alien DNA.

  4. 9/11 was an inside joke! 11/9 (trumps victory) was another inside joke. I called that shit before it happened. Wake up America!

  5. Egypti-republacrats are all loyalists without strong moral personal constitutions. (The opposite of Moses, Gandhi, M.L K. etc.) (No offence intended to modern Egyptians nor anyone else who isn't a loyalist) A person who is loyal must not be confused with a loyalist. The only good loyalist is a responsibly raised dog.

  6. How wouldn't you believe in aliens the UNIVERSE IS HUGEE LOL ,, space is so huge their is no end , their could be another planet like ours , with "aliens " living their , it could be super super far away . And maybe they have the technology to come to our earth and see what's up ! I believe is aliens

  7. Thank you for causing me pain. So, I am drinking Pepsi and Extreme Sour Warheads. I let the sour stuff dissolve into the soda, take a nice big swig and- "Where are my tax returns bitch?" I snort it up and it sprays out my nose. Meanwhile I have never had something squirt out my nose besides snot

  8. I think somebody hacked my computer in the middle of the night it turns on but only at night or when I move it doesn't matter if anything touched it it just turns on but I don't think it's a government they don't have any reason to spy on me I'm 13

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