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  1. There is a cover up for her murder but it isn't what you are thinking about. The police department in charge of the case fucked up on every level. They sent a marked police car to a home that called in an abduction, they didn't contain the scene properly from all the people in the house, they didn't check the house completely – never even going into the room where she was found, they, & when there was no ransom call that came in – they left the parents with a single rookie cop. Said cop told John to check the house & she did not accompany him, John found his daughter in the basement initially thinking that she could possibly still be alive & carried her up the stairs to everyone else, then learning that she was, in fact dead. The police department knew that they fucked up on every level so they had to keep to stick to the suspects that were in the house, that being the family.

    The "holes" on JonBenet were not holes, there were two sets of them & they were from a stun gun.

    The ransom note was written on one of Patsy's notepads, one that John handed over to police for writing samples. There was even a page where someone had started to write out the beginning of the letter. No handwriting specialist has ever definitively said Patsy wrote the ransom note.

    Burke is very likely to have autism or Aspergers, for those of us that have met people with those conditions – it is very easy to see that he has it. His mannerisms & expressions make more sense when you realize that.
    The vaginal problems that JonBenet was having is due to vaginitis, which was common at that due to some bath wash for kids.

    JonBenet was strangled before she was hit over the head, as the head injury would have rendered her unable to fight back or claw at the rope around her throat as she was being strangled. She did fight her attacker & claw at him, the DNA under her fingernails matched the DNA found on her clothes – which does not match any of her family members. This means that it had to have been an intruder that killed her.

    John Ramsey is still trying to go further with the case, he doesn't want it to remain unsolved & have to die without knowing the truth much like how Patsy did. John has just gotten fed up with all the crap that the media has said about his family, himself, Burke, & his late wife.

  2. when people wash the dishes, whether they wash them in the sink or the dishwasher, when you put them away fingerprints are going to be on the things you touch! That's just common sense! The police can't be that stupid to say anything about that one

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