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  1. The first description of Santa was in a poem in the Mid 1800s. The first image of Santa was drawn by Thomas Nast, who drew for Harper's Weekly. He published a book of illustrations in 1890 featuring Santa. The artist who drew for Coca-Cola, in the 1930s, did not first draw Santa. He was the first to standardize Santa as wearing red clothes. Before that, Santa could be found in green clothes too. You're not very thorough with your research.

  2. The weird thing I've noticed, in Finland (my home country) Santa claus is literally called Joulupukki. Joulu meaning christmas and pukki meaning male goat. And really really old costumes of him are what nightmares are made of, having big horns of a goat and creepy wooden mask. I'm glad that even though the name is still the same our Santa Claus looks more like Saint Nic nowadays xD

  3. I always thought Santa was creepy because just the thought of someone coming into the house while I was asleep just was wrong even from a young age. Still love Christmas though…. ?

  4. back then people would appreciate things more and now people are just greedy it's not really a conspiracy it's more like how society is now we really don't pay attention to the tru meaning of christmas which is the birth of christ and to give .

  5. In Old English, green was actually the color of "evil" hence the phrase, green with envy. Depictions of Satan were actually drawn I n Green & when you see a depiction of a red Satan, you know it is post Renaissance.

  6. my parents really talked to us about santa, I found out in school and tv and i used to get gifts for christmas abd I always legit say thank you to my parents never Santa Claus but now a days we really never get nothing for christmas and don't give a shit either…. we have the money to buy stuff but we don't want to… we celebrate christmas because of jesus Christ birth and just make a mini celebration with holiday food… aka regular food I eat everyday

  7. Oh yes yes the illuminati is real, but don't have anything to do with santa. Santa is actually a cheery fairy who just wants to give out presents along with his loyal elves!!!

  8. My life was backwards. My parents always told me Santa wasn't real. I refused to believe them and thought they were lying to me because they had a bad relationship with him or something. ?

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