Sam Nunberg on Trump, Mueller, and why he peddled birther conspiracy

Former Trump campaign adviser Sam Nunberg spoke to “Red and Blue” about his efforts during the 2016 race. Nunberg told CBSN’s Tanya Harding that he …




  1. Listen up, America, Trump and his den of crooks think it is absolutely fine to lie and slander their way into office, are you truly okay with that?

  2. Because he tapped into racist white priviledge america who wanna call obama the n word but know they cant sonthey said he was muslim because its still ok in thier minds to be racist to muslims

  3. what people are NOT talking about, is that if manafort will accept a guilty plea but will not cooperate with mueller to reduce his sentence then manafort actually DOES have information valuable to mueller's investigation and to the american public. up until now THAT was a speculation. and if that is true i hope mueller sqeezes manafort 'till the cows come home for that information.

  4. so the ends justify the means for nunberg. got it. so where does morality fit in here? or criminality? would he object to extortion? blackmail? ransom? theft? fraud? where does it stop?
    BTW nunberg's newest object of worship is that self-avowed racist steve bannon (see youtube title 'Steve Bannon: Wear 'racist' label as badge of honor'.). apparently, he is not comfortable making his own decisions and prefers others to make them for him.

  5. There you go trumpists….You elected a racist russian tea bagger based on racism and lies.. Same lies that you fight for… Lies about President Obama and Hillary.

  6. He peddled birtherism to get Trump into the white house, and all the braindead republicans believed him. Well, it worked.

  7. We are all sick of politics, and the Sam Nunberg's and the Cambridge Analyticas of the world explain why! BUUUUT, these kinda people get employed to do their, 'by ANY means possible…,' BS, for big money!

    If Nunberg was a doctor he'd have his licence revoked, yet who's employing him today? WTF!

  8. No shame in pushing a conspiracy theory based on lies in order to win an election. That's the republican party. Sickening! These people who pushed the birther issue should be sued for defamation.

  9. White supremacy is the goal. This guy is the worst America has to offer. He lies and believes the end justifies the means. He should be minimized and marginalized not interviewed. A disgusting human being.

  10. Trump is on record saying that if he were to run as president, it would be as a Republican — because as a group, they are stupid. The fact that birtherism worked with so many of them is proof.

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