Russian hack of US election a CIA conspiracy

Faith Goldy of TheRebel.media explains why claims that Russia worked to get Trump election aren’t credible. MORE: …




  1. Its hard for me to take someone to serious when they nitpick use of the word THE… if that's your starting argument, I hope the backside is really good but in this instant it wasn't… ole well.

  2. Ah, you mean like the lives like Chris Stevens, or Seth Rich? Are those the lives she's so concerned with? The one that the video on youtube was responsible for ending? Wow!
    Clinton wanted Trump to accept when she cheated, yet rejected our votes, and we didn't cheat at all.
    The lies and the deceit perpetrated by Clinton are immense. Yet we are supposed to trust her?
    I can't.

  3. Just one of the wikileaks scandals revealed about Hillary and the DNC was WAY worse than water gate ever was. And yet somehow she's managed to not only not go to jail but continue to keep her job as well!? Can't wait for trump to get in and for her get even more throughly investigated. Obama too!

  4. The Democrats are just saying something rediculous like a second election to keep everyone's minds off what the wikileaks revealed. Those emails could put a lot of people in jail. The"fake news" journalists need to not be distracted by this and get back to doing some serious investigating into the emails and not let them get away with it!!!

  5. Is it news to anyone that the job of the CIA is to do just that?
    To interfere in the matters of foreign or domestic, in any way deemed necessary towards the furtherment of American affairs.
    This makes us stronger together.

  6. We all need to start calling the MSM exactly what it is… "INFOTAINMENT" it's commercialized "newsieness" designed to sell advertisements. It's presenters are cookie-cutter attractive youngish shills, most of whom don't even believe the nonsense they parrot blindly over their respective broadcasts.

  7. how many elections has the u.s. influenced in just the last 50 years. how many countries have a leader that has been installed by the CIA. how many Middle East countries did we Aid rebels in the last 8 years

  8. FFS.  Just do your homework folks.  The DNC and Podesta emails were published by Wikileaks, which has a 100% truthful record in all its history.  They got the emails from disgruntled staffers at the DNC who had a right to access the material.  Craig Murray, a former U.K. ambassador who blew the whistle on British torture practices, flew to Washington, D.C. and got the material on a USB key, meeting some intermediary in the woods near the American University.  This was all reported in the Daily Mail's online edition, so you can look it up there.  Not a single american media outlet picked up the story, so you KNOW that the american media, today, is like the Soviet media was back in the 1980s: anything that contradicts the party line does NOT even get mentioned.  The establishment, to a man, are determined to destroy Donald Trump.  Period.  They will not let the truth about those emails be mentioned in any public forum.  That's how fucking bad things are in the U.S. today…  It's not about being right or left, folks, it is about an entrenched power structure, which has both democrats and republicans in it, which will do what it can to destroy any "anti-establishment" public figure who actually gets into power.  That is why the media attacks on Trump are not going to stop even though the campaign is over.  They are designed to weaken the guy and keep him from doing anything like changing the carpet in the oval office….

  9. The trump crowds speak for themselves he filled 40,000 to 50,000 seat events while Hillary 1-2k…You can't hack that folks.

  10. Indeed, if US intelligence agencies have evidence of Russia influencing the elections, they need to inform congress so they can decide what course of actions to take like sanctions or what ever. Because these intelligence agencies refuse to take their alleged evidence to congress is turning this into a conspiracy. Placing sanctions on Russia without proof can create serious problems for the Trump administration, which seems to be the agenda to the conspiracy.

  11. Faith, perhaps you're not old enough or wise enough to remember but "the Ukraine" was used as a term quite commonly and lingers to this day. I'm quoting Wikipedia here you stupid Jew cunt. "Before its independence, Ukraine was typically referred to in English as "The Ukraine", but sources since then have moved to drop "the" from the name of Ukraine in all uses.[14]"   What a stupid kike whore you are!

  12. This girl is, unfortunately, too fat to be on television and could stand to loose a couple of pounds before her next video. As for her reporting, she sounds like a junior varsity cheerleader attempting to give a serious report in civics class. Sad.

  13. TheRebel media is more like TheClueless-Bitch media. Although,… I wouldn't mind fucking the shit out of her and then leaving in the morning before she wakes up. The height would be fucking her in the ass and then making her suck my dick before calling her a nasty skank for doing it.

  14. I really like Faith, but it is actually "The Ukraine" historically in the English language. It is evolving but the use the definite article is acceptable in proper English. The Maldives. The USA, the United Kingdom.

  15. Oh no facts effected the election!! Seriously, how the fuck is exposing emails bad? It's only bad for the people that are trying to hide shit.

  16. They have evidence now. In the code for the malware it was written

    "We, the intelligence community of the Russian Federation have written this malware to interfere with the 2016 US presidential election and to get our favorite candidate Donald J. Trump elected as president of the United States".

    Of course you might be a bit suspicious of this since it would be weird for an intelligence agency to leave such obvious traces of their guilt. But it was written in Russian, so I think the message was only ment for Russian people. However the CIA had a guy who were able to read Russian, and they got caught.

  17. The FBI and CIA have never even looked at the DNC servers. That's how you know Trump is right, these so called intelligent agencies are arms of the Democratic Party.

  18. One of the reasons it so easy to fool the average American citizen via government based propaganda is because most people do not understand hacking and digital footprints and how they are made during a hacking attempt. When a GOVERNMENT hacks ANY system (foreign or domestic), they always route their attacks through a proxy IP in order to leave a digital footprint that leads back to the patsy they want to frame for such attacks. For example, if I wanted to hack Russian government employees’ computers, and I wanted the fingers to point at the Germans, I would first hack a private citizen of Germany. Then once I penetrated this soft target, I would attack the Russian targets from this satellite computer (the German system) and the footprint left behind would reveal not only a German IP address, but a German citizen’s MAC address as well. This is how I know the Russians did not do any of the hacking. Because they would have done the exact same thing to us in reverse. The trail would lead back to who they would want to frame for the attack. So let me break this further down in layman’s terms. First you attack the system you want to stage your attack from. Then you hack the true intended computers remotely from the patsy. To make it even more failsafe (and more sophisticated), I would attack several patsy computers first leaving the digital footprint of several systems in a “hopscotch” series. In this way, should the attack be detected in real time, the system being attacked (the true end target) would not have enough time to trace the “hopscotch” attack all the way back to me. To further confuse the situation and afford myself an extra layer of protection, I could begin the attack with a stolen laptop using a wireless connection hack parked out front of a random person’s home on a residential street. Now the IP address “hopscotch” would lead to an IP address of the “random person’s” home and the MAC address would lead back to whomever purchased the laptop that I stole.

  19. If Russia had the power to change elections Obama would never had won a second term. Oh and did Obama throw 350,000 dollars of our tax money in Israel election unapproved mind you but that's ok?

  20. Accusations without true investigation means nothing. Sounds like the Clinton administration were shocked that they loss and created this lie to discredit the validity of electoral voters choice to overshadow the popular vote and elect Trump over Clinton.

  21. I agree quite a bit with what you say, but I am not going to drop the definitive article when I talk about 'the' Ukraine. It belongs there, just as much as the definitive article belongs before 'the' Netherlands.

    Both names have been historically used for geographical purposes, the Netherlands originally also included Belgium within its boundaries, and were called the United Provinces. The Ukraine on the other hand was simply a border region, hence the meaning of the name. Other instances of definitive articles preceding proper nouns are the United States, the Roman Empire, the Peoples Republic of China, the United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland, and the Argentine (another name for Argentina).

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