Runescape News : Bot Nuke Conspiracy & Lizard Squad Back on Runescape

Full Interview of what happend with Bot Nuke : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kOaXHpQuBZQ Original Video about bot nuke …




  1. It's just bullshit. The bot nuke worked (broke bots) and he's saying it was just banning botters, not even the case. Attention seeker is seeking.

  2. You think your fc can impose a rule where members can only trade 100k at a time if unranked? What makes you think you have the power to decide people's spending limit just because they met the person they're trading with in an fc that has your name on it? What are you? The North Korean Government?

  3. This guy is 100% fake..
    Paris has posted his face multiple times (even during these events) and he is brown…

    It wasn't just one photo..it was many and some with time stamps..

  4. Lizard Squad is fucking garbage. Who hacks Runescape accounts? Some of these people have been playing the game for years and have put so much time into the game, you're trash for trying to take that away from them.

  5. Uchiha is a pretty chill guy, but very money driven, spoken to him like ~5-10 in teamspeak and a lot over skype, he's funny af. Find a less shit game that isn't all RNG. Find a game that you can't just spend like $50 on a server and down any world you want…

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