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  1. all facts no conspiracies and also its so annoying how people think smoking pot is like super cool and so different like it has to be shown off. I MEAN take something else away from native Americans why don't ya

  2. Just got some shatter and now I'm gonna get stoned and binge watch the fuck out of these videos ? I just found your channel.. I love itttt. Subscribed ✔️ ??

  3. i have been chasing the truth about the Rothschild family for 6 years now. i do not have a confirmation bias of any sort (meaning i LITERALLY want the truth, which means politics, philosophy, historic knowledge, etc, all aside, even if it means if it kills my belief system or helps me realize this Rothschild stuff is a bunch of horse pucky, idc where the truth leads me as long as it's true)

    You have said some interesting things i didn't know lol

    good work!

  4. YouTube Zachary K Hubbard. He is the truth and his work with gematria is undeniable. In my eyes with 10+ years of awakened research. He is A+. His work will definitely ruin ones current life. ? Throw everything you've ever learned right out of the window.

  5. I love how the painting behind you, when you're in just the right spot, makes you look like you have devil horns. It adds so much to your videos.

    Then again, I'm kinda high.

  6. It's called a business monopoly where you or your business buy out all other competition giving you the ability to change values of what your business produces (monopolies are often banned and stopped due to the affect it has on the economy)

  7. they own a lot of banks! they funded these wars and such through these banks! so technically they didn't actually fund those things!! I don't take much stock in the theory that their trying to take over the world!!

  8. money makes money!! I'm sorry but I'm a capitalist! I don't believe in social equality because it equals socialism or worse!! there are always going to be winners and losers in this world!

  9. Insane how 1 family has the power similar to The Sultan of Brunei (?). The influence. FFS that is pretty scary to say the least! On another note, I stopped cannabis for now until I get my new vaporizer and finish seeing specialists next week to help me get on the mends. I can't smoke it. Too harsh for my lungs. Thanks for the theory chit-chat. Incredible!

  10. they won a bet between bonoparte and wellington on which one would lose or win the war … that just makes me laugh…its like their waiting for the first horse or the first dog to go over the line ….this is a war for crying out loud but its . its one of the facts of history

  11. Haha that was great! Found your channel on munchie attack with chilli cheese and just realised I forgot bagels to put the cheese in, oh well a big plate of snashters (yummies in Scottish) olives and gummy bears. what am I rambling on about!? great channel I must subscribe. ok now subscribed Thanks ;))))

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