Root Canal Failure Conspiracies VLOG

in this Vlog from Elbow Beach Bermuda Dr. Nasseh discusses one of the cases indicted by the conspiracy theorists about why endo doesn’t work and makes …




  1. Great video as always Dr Nasseh, would you kindly be able to tell me the reference from which you quote that post success drops by 25% if not placed with a rubber dam? Many thanks George

  2. Thank you for the thought provoking vlog. Beautiful background, and as I have said before I am enjoying this style of lectures.
    I have been motivated by Prof Richard J. Simonsen to use dental dam in 1985. A chance encounter changed my professional life.

  3. nice – i see how you avoided the main problem with rootcanal therapy – how the tubles in the dentin cannot be steralised properly .

    another dentist defending his profession – if he doesnt he gets called unethical and cannot practice dentistry – this guys motivation is clear.

  4. My root canals have both failed. They've always been uncomfortable and inflamed. I now have an abscess and the tooth is being removed next week. They were both done by a specialist endodontist 13 years ago. My dental hygiene is excellent.

  5. your videos helped..

    I almost believed these other clowns about "root canal dangers" but then I had to do further investigation before I got mine done.

  6. That is not entirely true. I had a root canal 50 years ago and to this day I still have the original crown. More root canals fail NOW and I hear dentist are using cheap "one size fit's all crowns" to improve office profits. And for a Root Canal you have to find an experienced, qualified, skillful Endodontist who knows what they are doing — just good luck finding one. Last, you have to maintain a healthy diet which includes foods to promote a healthy liver.

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