1. There's many points i could make. From what i've read and seen marksmen were used to try and recreate the shot Lee Harvey took and not one of them could do it first time. One guy took several attempts and managed it. It was more to do with the gun's re load ability and the poor make of rifle.

  2. Also the second shot on JFK sent his head to the left and backwards. Not something that ballistic physics allows for when a shot is fired from behind.

  3. The reason why they said it was not a realistic shot is because 1 a carcano is not accurate 2 using surplus ammo. Those shots could have happened but super unprobable plus why wouldn't you use any other bolt action rifle with a scope

  4. Yes Oswald was in on it but the fatal shot came from a secret service agent accidentally. He was standing up in the car looking around for the shooter, and when the car took off the hair trigger went off.

  5. The problem with the single bullet theory is that the governor was sitting in front of JFK on a jump seat and his upper half was facing over the left side of the car, he wasn’t at the same height as JFK facing forward. This creates a relatively straight trajectory. Also, the bullet may look fine from a top view, but it’s actually deformed quite a bit (it’s quite squished from other views).

  6. Such a breath of fresh air. Joe today was saying Kennedy was killed by LHO 🙁 He's finished guys hes no longer one of us he's a JEW Disnep Signed him a deal for his kids to be on Fear Factor 2050

  7. People will put aside common sense and their own good judgment to believe anything the government tells them and it's so f**** sad that I can't even put into words, just say'n..

  8. Only weird issue I see with JFK is the difference between when he was shot in the head and neck. their had to be two different bullets used, a full metal jacket and hollow point. Full metal jacket bullets go straight through a target (as it did through JFK's neck) while hollow points expand causing a big exit wound (as in JFK's head shot). Oswald could have just had both in the gun….not uncommon for ppl to put a slug shell in a shotgun with non-slugs but never heard anyone doing that with a rifle.

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