Rogan and Jimmy Dore on Seth Rich conspiracy

Joe Rogan Experience Episode #1078 Joe Rogan and Jimmy Dore talk about the conspiracy theory with Seth Rich and the Clintons taking him out.




  1. Wow…I miss the old Joe Rogan. If anyone were to bring this subject up now on his show, he would to jump to another topic so quick that you'd think it was HE who killed Seth Rich. Its disgusting how soft he has become.

  2. Thats because Michelle was the one running shit. That's why Hillary didn't win. Because we all know a woman already ran it when Obama was elected.

  3. Keep in mind the term "conspiracy theory" was created by the CIA in the 50's (fact) to discredit truth tellers. This is why I never use that term in any debate. Take for instance, the murder of JFK. The fake, lying media lead us to believe Oswald shot JFK and that Oswald was killed by an enraged supporter. Neither is true, of course, yet anyone who dare reject their narrative is a tin foil hat conspiracy theorists. Let's move to wars we have fought. In every case we were lead to believe these wars were for life, liberty and freedoms of the American people and without them, we would no longer be free, none of which is true. Our history books are full of lies and deception dating back to George Washington, Christopher Columbus and the civil war. While history books tout Churchill as a hero, the fact is he was a genocidal barbarian who firebombed the city of Dresden killing millions of innocent women men and children. The end

  4. Seth Rich is the smoking gun, covered up by MSM, to create Russia, Russia, Russia, narrative to protect Elite DC politicians from pedophilia crimes.

  5. Theres alot of fishy stuff with Hillary. JFK jr was gonna run for Senator of New York (D) and then crashed a bi-plane one foggy day , really opening a door for her nomination.He would have won in a landslide and probably have been president in 2000.
    Conspiracy theory.Maybe. But look at her record.Its doesnt skip a beat corruption.

  6. Joe!! How could you have this slimeball on your show?? This asshole is completely anti police and just a total POS! Come on Joe. You're better than this

  7. In case you missed it William Binney former Technical Directory of NSA proved by the speed they were copied that the emails were copied directly, probably on a flash drive. Very few people had means, motive to do that. Only one had the means motive and was murdered.

  8. Can’t prosecute Hillary because it leads to the first African African President. If it did, every city would burn. 10 Days Of Darkness Coming to a city near you!!

  9. Wait a minute. Hold it. Are you all trying to tell me that people who are responsible for so much suffering and death around the world and have lied to us throughout our history would hesitate to kill someone? Grow up/wake up people. Or, go back to sleep and dream the Dream as the masters would have you do.

  10. How does joe and jimmy feel at this moment now that multiple russian officials have been charged with the hacking of the DNC as well as no evidence suggesting Seth Rich had any information from or about WikiLeaks. Maybe scream at people some more about how they are missing what's right in front of them. This is why investigators allow evidence to lead them to conclusions, a good investigator doesn't let circumstantial evidence write the narrative.

  11. Hillary did it personally. She sneaked up behind Rich and killed him in cold blood. And she will never go to jail cause she's gangsta.

  12. This is the one that got Joe in hot water. Has to be. A bit after this he made ppl slow down and interrupted them if they bashed mainstream politics, told guests they might be slandering Hillary because we cant just say crazy things… This summer Rogan had a weird grumpy streak of silencing guests, arguing against conspiracies, etc… Look it up

  13. WAKE UP ROGAN..MORE TO STEH RICH STORY..RUSSIANS AGAIN-According to the British journalist, Duncan Campbell, the Russian intelligence agency, GRU, tried to implicate Rich as the source of the stolen DNC emails, in order to draw attention away from themselves.

  14. The corruption of politics and government is obviously yet Dore wants big socialist government power? Crazy. Libertarians make sense ..

  15. His family has asked that people stop lying about his murder in order to fuel their conspiracy theory lunacy, and yet here were are. Grow up, you sad little men. Pathetic.

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