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Disney’s Inside Out was such a brilliant portrayal of every human emotion: Joy, Sadness, Fear, Anger, Disgust. But is there a hidden 6th emotion somewhere in …




  1. What is the sixth emotion is just like when you feel fine, not particularly happy, mad, sad, or anything. It’s kinda like your just there and you feel nothing, it couldn’t be “okay” because when you feel okay your almost sad but kinda happy. This is just my opinion

  2. Hope is a really good guess. I like this as it would also give reason why so many were without. It is the one emotion known to stay within Pandora's box and letting out emotions are just about like that.
    Something I'm going to throw out there, if you know a bit more than just the usual basics about primary colors there's a thing that happens when you mix complementary colors together. They typically turn into a muddy orange- brown color. It could be correlation to the mixing of different emotions to create something completely new or different.

  3. On Dec. 5 2015 Jon Solo/ Jongasm made a video about this and even remarked Bing Bong's legs at the beginning. I don't know if you guys took this idea or just simply and coincidentally had the same idea, but if you took it please credit to Jon. Although I love this channel, I despise takers.

  4. IF a big if, the orange petal represented hope, maybe in a sequel Riley could be going through a hard time and the other emotions literally have to search and find hope deep within Riley's psyche.

  5. My theory is Orange represents her sexuality the emotion of lust as you see her dads emotions are all male and her mom's are all female and Reiley as both genders but this symbolic may indicate that she might be bisexual or even transgender maybe they didn't want to put a 6 emotion for orange in the film because it could have been inappropriate for the kid viewers

  6. lol, would love to see the emotion shade-freude.
    he/she would be like:

    fall, please fall, just fall, {person falls} the emotion burst out laughing

  7. It's just a flower, geez! It's part of his costume. Also, the rainbow only has 6 colors, not 7!! Indigo or violet are only different shades of purple! If your saying "Indigo is blue-purple." then your right. But, it wouldn't make any sense to have a color in between blue and purple, if other in between colors like turquoise or dandelion don't have a place in the rainbow. Do you hear what I'm saying? I thought this video was going to be interesting, but instead it's just a big stretch.

  8. I'm probably wrong but considering Riley made Bing Bing it's probably just the colours that she likes considering they are the same colours on her jumper

  9. Or maybe bingbong represents the emotions that we have as kids. We don't really think of PASSION as kids. We are pretty basic emotionally…. But then, PUBERTY HAPPENS! 😮😮😮😮 AND our emotions start to mix and match their colors. Sure, we saw parts specifically displaying the basic emotions but I'm thinking it represents the difference child like to puberty emotions.

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