Reince Priebus Destroys Hysterical Chuck Todd Over Russian Conspiracy Theories

Wow, the left is really losing it. Notice how they’re trying to somehow attach all this to the Republicans? The narrative is always one where the Republicans are …




  1. Chucky looking mighty desperate, trying to tow the line of the MSM.  Sad.  I used to like Chuck, but he's nothing more than a shill reporter.  Hey chuck, everyone knows that anything out the CIA's mouth is subjective at best, not the truth, usually the opposite is true.  This has been demonstrated over and over again.  Like 16 intelligence agencies knew and have evidence of Russian hacking, give me a break.  More like they pass around the same talking points without a shred of evidence.  Say the lie enough and it becomes the truth, however for CNN and the rest of the MSM, America knows your lying so that don't work no more.  The more you lie, the more we know, the more you look like a bunch of treasonous turds.

  2. Watch Chuck Todd's expertise the night of the election. He made a complete fool of himself saying it was going to be an early night. You tube it…

  3. Its a well known fact…. watching lame stream media at ad nauseum inhibits brain activity. Queerio in a suit.

  4. NBC News — New Bill Clinton News — U Have Any Proved Russian Hack USA Election . if New Bill Clinton News( NBC News) Have Any Proved Show US. Other wise Shutdown Your FAKE News. Your News Network is War Criminal .

  5. This "Chuck" guy is clearly backtracking on his original assertion. Also, he clearly is using faulty logic in his argument. Is there someone taking him seriously enough that he should get a show?

  6. I like the whole Trump thing, but The RNC needs to keep their Chairman away from the mic. He sounds like a whiny little baby I can't stand it please have him stop giving interviews I'm just saying

  7. I sometimes watch the show to view his hatred of republicans.  He is so ridiculous, I make a note of the products that support the show so that I will not purchase. He should report the news, and not tell me how to think.  He is the most hateful reporter on television, and hopefully will be fired.

  8. I cannot claim credit for the following metaphor, but I wish I could. It was on a reddit board and posted anonymously: "Arguing with a liberal is like playing chess with a pigeon. No matter how good you are at the game, the pigeon will knock the pieces over, shit on the board, and then strut around triumphantly." And that is precisely what we are witnessing here. I was waiting for Cuck Slob to rip off his clothes, climb onto the desk, start making seal noises, arf arf arf, and start clapping his flippers like the madman he is. In every interview, if they can even be called that, the guest is pushed by Cuck Slob into the position of trying to communicate with a small child, and are forced to repeat themselves over and over. Todd is unwatchable.

  9. In the future, if a candidate or their party (any party), has committed acts that show they are cheats and liars and evidence of the cheating and lies is provided in an irrefutable manner for all the public to see, I will welcome and thank those who provide that information!

  10. You can tell by watching and Listening to Chuck Todd that Liberalism is a mental illness! Chuck or his 17 fake intell agencies have no evidence that Russia hacked anyone! Don't you know Chuck that bearing false witness is a sin and that you have to have proof!

  11. mainstream media is such a joke how can anyone work for them and feel proud. same for the CIA, how can anyone honestly be patriotic and work there the CIA works for the highest bidder and the highest bidder right now is the Clintons and the global elites.

  12. where is the proof Chuck, he cant answer .. waste of time. Trump bashing instead of trying to make sure they really know who did and what to do to prevent it from happening again.. its trumps fault.. so fkn sad.. DNC left themselves wide open because they are so focused on holding all the power to generate MONEY… I swear im convinced liberals have zero intelligence but definitely zero common sense

  13. Chuck Todd. Media Puppet. He's just a puppet. Chuck Todd is a great "scape goat" for bad ratings! Blame the guy with the prison pussy beard.

  14. Question to answer his question about Russia attempting to disrupt our election in Trumps favor. Do you believe Russia was more disruptive in facilitating a Trump win than the American media was disruptive in trying to ensure Hillary Clinton would win the election in demonizing Trump every chance they got ? #Mic dropped.

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