REALIST NEWS – Conspiracy Theory about All Powerful “Shadow Government” Proven Correct (FBI Docs)

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  1. check out Dr steven greer's movie (and hundreds of hours of sworn testimony) "SIRIUS" … he's been calling these shadow baastads out since a week before 9/11

  2. one company counts the votes. That company is owned by George soros.  300 members of congress belong to the cfr. The cfr wants a one world government. Our government has been bought and paid for. For a very long time. the rothchilds are the bankers of the Vatican. the vice president was Jesuit trained. Mr kaine is Jesuit trained.  Revelatiions tells us about the whore who rides the beast. so the Vatican answers to satan, the world governments which is the beast answers to the Vatican. The world is being divided into 10 unions by the club of rome and the UN. That forms the world government. dan 7; 23-28 tells us that 10 kings arise and from those 10 kings we get the antichrist. Somewhere in the future those 10 kings turn against the whore who is the Vatican and destroy her. You can read about it in revelations. A book God had wrote 2000 years ago and today it is coming true before our eyes.

  3. Infowars had a list of 33 conspiracy theories that were true in 2010? aahahaha! Wow…of course they did.

  4. Hey JSNIP,
    turn your audio output up. I can't hear you when you talk low. Even with my volume at max. I don't want to miss a word. Keep on keeping on!

  5. Also, a favorite phrase of t/ sheep is, tin-foil hatters.) They have every angle covered like t/ best poker player in t/ world….But, they are JUST lunatics that run this world! They have their weaknesses, too!?

  6. +jsnip4, All the channels like yours are having technical problems. Greg Hunter just mentioned it in his interview with Gregory Mannarino that came out the other day. I've noticed other channels having the problems too. Channels such as X22Report, SGT Report, V the Guerilla Economist, etc.. This is cyber warfare. Your government is waging war on the truth tellers, the people who talk about the false flags and the real value of gold & silver and other similar topics.

  7. Idgaf what anyone says, there indeed does exist and operate a "Shadow Governing body" and they have more knowledge, power and capability than the supposed Government most folks watch on TV. There are things going on which are not good in nature and all of this is very complicated to understand. I just know and feel instinctively there will be tremendous bad things to come soon (worse than what is already taking place).

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