Hi, SunRaes! Hope you guys enjoy hearing about these real (actual, not movie) MIB encounters! We’re not sure how credible all these stories are but it is very interesting how similar the experience…




  1. what akroyd described is creepy . mib are real. i had my own experience years ago. a friend and i were managing a bookstore. there were tons of ufo books in the shop. one day a very tall guy with a cold face came into the shop. he wasnt dressed in black. he was wearing a gold jumpsuit with gold sunglasses the material of the jumpsuit was like nothing i had ever seen before. he came twice in two days and bought every book on ufos in the shop. he creeped us both out. after that encounter the shop seemed haunted. we went down into the basement and heard noises like some one was in the shop. but we had locked the door and it was after closing time im not making this up

  2. i hope the men in black find out im wathcing this video and may be a threat ( prob not) and visit me so i finally have people to chill with and say that it's lit fam

  3. been binge watching all these videos, wanting to make a drinking game, take a shot every time Kendall says "when you consider the size of the universe it seems impossible for aliens to not exist" lol, I totally agree fren! love your channel and your cats!

  4. I know this video was made a while ago, but this video has reminded me of something that happened to me a few months ago. I'm not saying it was aliens or anything but i thought what happened was weird and as i started to remember what happened i decided that it was either aliens or just me waking up from the anesthetic(which happened multiple times during it even tho i only remember once). Earlier this year I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and they found out through needle biopsies. When i went in for them i asked to be put under anesthetic. I'm not afraid of needles but the thought of getting large needles put in my neck was too much. This is what i remember. I remember multiple faces above me and feeling extremely scared. An extremely bright light was in my face and was blinding me, not completely but mostly. I felt like I was being moved a lot. I would describe it as being in a vehicle on an old road with many holes in it. Now is where my memory goes fuzzy so I will describe it from my grandmas point of view. She told me that I thought she had died, that I screamed and cried and kicked and punched. She had to keep telling me that she was ok, but for some reason I couldn't hear her. This is the part I remember, I told her that I loved her more then anything in the world. My memory is extremely fuzzy after this again, but luckily my grandma was there to tell me what happened. They warned her to not let my neck fall forward on the way back home because I wouldn't be able to breathe and I would die if so. I think I hallucinated badly on the way home because I dreamed up something completely different to what actually happened. I'll tell my point of view first. So we get in the car and obviously im relieved to get out of the hospital. I'm looking around completely excited to go home and suddenly I see and extremely large screen in the sky and I explain this to my grandma but she says that she doesn't see it and to stop distracting her. I even remember clearly driving all the way home with her completely awake, but according to her that isn't what happened. She told me that I instantly fell asleep my head falling forward. She had to quickly put her hand on my head and hold me up the whole way home because I wouldn't wake up. I'm not saying this is aliens but it reminds me of it and is actually what got me into researching aliens and is what got me interested in space. For some reason this experience also gets me emotional because I am shaking so bad that I can barely type. I'm also afraid of saying anything on youtube and this is my first comment ever so please don't judge me. Just wanted to get what happened to me out there even if it is real or false. Just found your channel and am enjoying it.

  5. I was right under the UFO when it happened and it was the scariest moment of my life. It was like an independence day moment. I was screaming on the freeway. It made a war of the worlds noise when the hole in the sky opened then the entire sky around it for miles was neon blue for at least 30 mins. I watched the yellow/white light in the sky dart around the sky back and forth before turning into this in the sky. it was absolutely insane!!!! Of course nothing was online about this "alleged missile test" and that report didn't show up for at least 4 hours after the incident. Everyone went on business as usual after this happened and i was so pissed lol still am about this

  6. messengers from alien orgs or planets but there robots…and they intimidate us, becuz obviously they have no real power…well, legal, they threaten becuz…who knows? knowledge is power.

  7. my brother and mother have seen four ufos between them and they told me about it but the men in black didn't come for them… I'm guessing it's only if they tell the public though lmao

  8. if they are aliens, I can guess why they sound like robots when they speak. where they're from, they probably don't even SPEAK. I mean, a whole other planet, a whole other civilisation. they probably use telepathy or something. to master speaking would make it incredibly hard for them to sound human. if so, then props to them for speaking. can't imagine how hard that is for something that hasn't spoken at all where it comes from.

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