Readers rave about ‘The Jefferson Lies’

Thomas Jefferson

The most controversial New York Times bestseller in history, a book pulled by its then-publisher under duress from what appeared to be political interests, now is getting an enthusiastic reception from readers who love the new edition.

“The Jefferson Lies,” by historian David Barton, was pulled by its first publisher after a left-wing pressure campaign in what has been called an American book burning.

But the new expanded and revised edition published by WND Books marks a triumphant return for Barton and a victory for Americans who want to hear the true history of Thomas Jefferson and the Founding Fathers.

Weeks after release, “The Jefferson Lies” is still a bestseller on in History of Religion and Politics and several other categories. It has risen as high as No. 4 of all books on Amazon, even after the online retailer’s seeming reluctance to stock the book led to it being backordered.

Even more impressively, the book boasts an average rating of four out of five stars at Amazon, despite a host of left-wing reviewers determined to downvote the book.

Readers rave:

  • An extraordinary book about an extraordinary man! For those on the left, the truth is the truth whether you believe it or not. It is what it is not what you make it to be! David Burton gives us Thomas Jefferson from the original documents, not from fourth and fifth generation opinions and false perceptions, to outright lies and slander.
  • You know this is an important book to read when you see the vicious attacks from the left. David Barton has really struck a nerve with the left. They very much do not want their lies exposed and it is very important to them to smear and destroy this book with more lies and distortion. David Barton has thoroughly documented the facts in this book. It is time for people to think for themselves – read the book and decide for yourself, instead of being brainwashed by the left’s propaganda. David used the attacks on the first version of this book to do additional research to provide even more documentation for his findings to further strengthen his case. You must read this book.
  • David Barton has used only original source material for this book. With almost 1,000 footnotes, you can look it up yourself! This is a must read. All of those that try to debunk his work are merely blowing smoke. This book is fantastic. Truly worth the read.

As so many readers point out, Barton provides citations to the original documents supporting his assertions about Jefferson. And most people don’t seem to take Barton’s critics seriously.

One reader put it: “Well, it really makes me wonder about the 1 stars. No one said you have to agree with anyone or even like them. But when you have ‘Christians’ whose life purpose seems to be to tear another down, something’s wrong! If Thomas Jefferson wrote in his own hand that his favorite color was blue, these folks would no doubt call it sloppy, misleading and poor scholarship!

“Mr. Barton can lay actual documents in front of you, backing his claims. What can you do? All I ever see from you all is criticism no documentation. Tell you what, you put your documentation up against his, side by side. Do it on national TV. That would be funny!

“Great book, great info. Highly recommended!”

Finally, the real story behind America’s most enigmatic Founding Father. Check out “The Jefferson Lies” in the WND Superstore.

Barton argues his book is critically important because the reputation of Jefferson is linked to the revolutionary principles that built the country. Recently, the author sat down with WND TV and discussed what he believes is the greatest lie told about Jefferson.

“I think the biggest lie the left tells about Thomas Jefferson is the dismissal of him as a racist and a bigot,” said Barton. “And I think the reason that is significant is that they are going after his character. Now it’s very easy to show Jefferson was not a racist and a bigot. He did own slaves, but that was against his will. He wanted to get rid of his slaves. He inherited most of his slaves when he was young and from his wife; what are called dowry slaves. He worked throughout his lifetime to end slavery and free his slaves. It didn’t happen.”

Barton believes the left is trying to discredit America’s founding principles by attacking the person most identified with the American creed of liberty and equality.


“If you can taint someone’s character, you can cause people to dismiss anything they say,” Barton argued. “This goes all the way back to the time of Jesus. Jesus had these huge crowds following him, and the religious leaders were losing their influence. So they started saying: ‘Ah, he’s a winebibber, he’s a glutton, he’s a drunkard and a party man.’ And the belief is if you can tarnish someone’s character they’ll dismiss his message and won’t follow him.”

Barton warns that if Jefferson is discredited, America itself is discredited.

“If you can get people to dismiss Jefferson’s message because he was ‘a racist and a bigot,’ which was not accurate, then you lose the concept of limited government, you lose the concept of individual rights, you lose the concept of the importance of religion and morality in a society, you lose the concept of an important and strong morality, you lose all the things he said about not spending, not getting into debt, not having many government agencies,” Barton charged.

“All of that goes out the door. All of the things that have produced American exceptionalism, you can track them back to what Thomas Jefferson was teaching us 200 years ago. You ignore Jefferson, that’s gone. What made America great is now out the door.”

It’s a message Barton’s readers seem to intuitively understand.

“Modern-era ideologues who want to tear down personal liberty have created myths to impugn our founders,” wrote one reader. “Thankfully we have a man whose passion is saving and preserving documents of our founders. This book is the fruit of his labors. Thank you Mr. Barton.”

Don’t miss they book they tried to keep you from reading. “The Jefferson Lies,” now available in the WND Superstore.

See excerpts of Barton’s interview with WND TV: