Reacting to my old conspiracy theories!!! CONSPIRACY THEORIES I 100% BELIEVE- http://bit.ly/2fFwfDm ONE DIRECTION (LARRY STYLINSON) …




  1. do you ever just like watch a "small" youtuber for awhile and they're kinda like a part of your everyday routine, and then one day you look down at there sub count and your like "woah. you only have *like less 300k or something* ?" and then you get like REAL shook cus same

  2. Noooo the Mona Lisa Smile is famous because she's always had that lil smirk of a smile, but you cover up her mouth and just see her eyes, she looks sad. THAT'S the Mona Lisa Smile, it hasn't changed it's always been famous for that reason.

  3. I saw the most trippy dream about you last night bc I was watching your video and fell asleep during it. I was hanging out with you and you somehow took off my boobs ??? And you were throwing them in the air like they were just balls and I was like "give them back give them back oh my god" and you gave them back and I attached them back to my body like what the fuck lmfaoooo

  4. They do have a swedish song where they sing "som monalisa har sitt leende, så döljer också du en hemlighet" which means "like monalisa has her smile, you're also hiding your secret" but idk

  5. Teenage Dirtbag I remembered them saying listen to Iron Maiden baby with me but now it changed to listen to Iron Maiden maybe with me

  6. Love you girl! You’re amazing in all your videos. I know it’s good to laugh at yourself sometimes, just don’t beat yourself up too much. Can’t wait to see where you are in another year! 😊😊

  7. Conspiracy: what if we’re actually all dead already. Your life is flashing before your eyes currently but it’s slowed down A LOT and that’s why it feels like you never sleep long, because they’re trying to get boring parts of your life done.

  8. I'm a huge musical theatre fan and I have a Phantom of the Opera poster that has the iconic mask that's a full face mask, except for the bottom portion of course, but in other posters I see only the version of the mask that's on one side. So Mandela Effect??

  9. if that mandela effect just goes back to wizards of waverly place maybe alex actually changes her smile irl lmao WIZARDS ARE REALLLL lol

  10. This is so fucking funny hahahahaha quality fucking content, love you so much Michelle. P.S you definitely didn't get uglier you're a babe :*

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