Rainn Wilson vets Ryen Russillo’s ‘The Office’ Pam conspiracy theory | Get Up! | ESPN

Rainn Wilson, best known for his character Dwight Schrute on “The Office”, entertains Ryen Russillo’s conspiracy theory of Pam being secretly evil. ✓ Subscribe …




  1. Crazy old tweets Rainn Wilson made! Wow..jokes about eating babies???? Spent time in Haiti looking after them after 2010 Eaerthquake. Really odd.

  2. You watched it twice………… not even worth mentioning. I've watched shows I don't even like more than twice. What disrespectful ass statement.

  3. Has seen the show twice through and loves the show, but trashes every character on the show because you'd hate them in real life… also, it was 9 years, not 10.

  4. I have watched the office at least 20 times and I can't stand Pam and found her very bossy and unreasonable to Jim's career choice !! Plus yeah she fucked over Roy and kept Jim in the friend zone until she was ready not caring about Jim's heartbreak knowing full well that he loves her !!!! And she wasn't even hot so I didn't get it !!! Plus Jim was dating Katy ( a young very hot Amy Adams) and dumped her cause he still had feelings for Pam!!!! To be honest Jim is a bit pathetic , no man would wait that long for a very ordinary chick !! No man !!!!

  5. The Pam character was/is my least favorite person on The Office. Evil's a little stretchy but she only pretended to be nice because she was weak.

  6. I feel like one of the biggest scenarios that pop up for the whole Pam is evil thing is the fact that Jim supported her dreams, but she asked him to quit his…..
    It IS easy to support someones dream when A. You don't have a family yet and have pretty much all free time outside of working at the same company with set hours B. Don't have any dreams of your own at the time C. Can pretty much pursue your dream from anywhere.
    It's NOT so easy to support someones dream when A. You have not one, but TWO very young kids to take care of alone B. They're dream requires them to not only work from a separate city, but ALSO for them to be sort of LIVING in that city for weeks at a time so that they can be there to work when they ALSO have a MORTGAGE and a FAMILY and KIDS in a different city and those KIDS and FAMILY and WIFE can't pick up and go C. You are asked to move to a completely different area away from other family and friends, to find a new job, new friends, new schedule, still take care of your children. While your husband is doing what? TRAVELING THE WORLD TO TALK TO CLIENTS AND YET AGAIN HAVING TO MOVE AND BARELY SEEING HIM AND NOT HAVING HELPING WITH KIDS…..? Believe me, that dream would have been 100% supported solidly by Pam if they didn't have kids and didn't plan to for at least a few more years…..

  7. Wow, ESPN is going downhill fast. I'm surprised Rainn Wilson wasted his time being on the show. This is the worst camera work I've ever seen and the show was badly directed.

  8. I don’t think that pam is evil. Pam didn’t really cheat on Roy. She kissed jim and then refused him. (There was no consent from either of them, BTW) she got back with Roy because she wasn’t assertive enough. She broke up with him because she was trying to be more assertive. She lied about the job because she wanted to be something more and feel more important. It wasn’t hurting anyone (except maybe corporate). She felt terrible about jim leaving athlead. She also gave up on her dream. She failed art school and came back for jim. With Danny she just wanted to figure out why he didn’t call her back. And as for the emotional connection with the camera man, I have some issues with that. I believe that a woman can have an emotional platonic connection with a man. He was a friend who was kind to her when she was sad. Also he’s married! So I don’t think Pam is evil. I think that she was acting like a normal human being.

  9. No one wants to talk about Rainn’s performance as the college professor in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen smh🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

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