#QANON – Why it’s NOT a Conspiracy Theory!

In our first video of #Qanon we provided evidence that proves that #Q is actually an elaborate plan generated by President #Trump and his team to relay …




  1. Yes, conspiracy theorist is a term they use to shut down arguments–one way they do this is by associating ridiculous characters and theories up with the theories to delegitimize them, such as Trump (who is NOT an anti-elitist, but the opposite, NOT aware of or against the deep state, not any of the things you have said you'd vote for).

    Dang, was so enjoying this fun, intriguing station about mysteries and true conspiracies. So disappointing to see you've been sucked into something so absurd as to think a person who is truly disgusting (as pretty much all politicians are, it's just more hidden with others), seriously mentally-challenged (really–anyone who teaches can tell by listening to the man speak, not to mention what psychologists must see!), failed business-man turned reality show host is a hero who has broken through the many layers of the deep state (because that's something easy to do) to save us. This is so damaging to the reputation of all of us who really want to uncover truth; you're setting us so far back. . . . Trump is a walking strawman, Q is a strawman, all to make "conspiracy theorists" look bad and thereby delegitimize the theories about real and important conspiracies.
    No, this isn't "just honestly, actually real." I hate Hillary and the rest of those ruling our oligarchy, including Trump and all the rich, narcissistic elitists. But what Hillary isn't is a communist, lol, she's not even a socialist. We have two right wing parties–better yet, one party pretending to be two on social issues to keep us preoccupied while they take care of themselves and the rest of the ruling class.

    When this (about Q and Trump and the laid-out narrative of the two) all pans out not to be true, just know that your hearts–and in most part, your minds–are in the right place. Always question, ALWAYS. It's the right thing to do. You don't just stop thinking once you come across someone who seems to have the answers and can put the puzzle pieces together for you. Please keep searching for truth; you're on the wrong path here.

  2. In this episode you mention military intelligence, as a former MI person I can tell you that military intelligence (all branches) is tasked by the NSA. So your statement of civilian intelligence agencies is not entirely accurate.The NSA runs the show, FBI, CIA, MI this is where the intelligence community gets tasking.

  3. These two aren't hipsters but fraudsters… half truths with an agenda. Why is their place lit like a professional studio? Because they are agents/actors.

  4. this doesn't make sense at all, Trump is all about the money and globalization. he even allows rich people from other countries (notably china) to buy american citizenship, just look up eb5 immigration (most of the money goes into develope real estate, and Jared Kushner profit the most from it). The rich chinese are now the aristocrats and hard working Americans are slaves working for them

  5. Great video, BUT I'm truly surprised by that whole voting thing. I've been at this much longer than the two of you combined and I can unequivocally tell you there is no reason left to us to cast a vote for anything, including dog-catcher. If you haven't caught on to the two party illusion then you are a newb. Both parties are aiming AT the same target. You've obviously drank the kool-aid with terms like 'Family Values'. What are family values, exactly? Do your family values include abortion rights? Many family values preclude abortion rights. What about raising taxes to pay for poorer and poorer education? Is this a family value? What about the death penalty? Put the bad guys to death so families can thrive! That's a great family value! Didn't the bad guys come from families? What about gay marriage? If gays would just go back to the closet America could be just as family value rich as we were in the 1950's!! When your wife gets out of line at the bridge party you'll have to teach her a lesson after company leaves, or she'll just do it again. Hitler had family values. How about we use those family values? The Quakers and Shakers have family values. Should we throw our cell phones away and use those family values? What about Lizzy Borden family values? or Donner family values? ………..'Family Values' don't exist, they're a figment . YOUR OWN PERSONAL values exist.

  6. I'm somewhere between Center and Christian Conservative. Appreciate the kindness that this channel gives to folks like me. There are a lot of channels out there, who deal with conspiracy / paranormal, who don't treat people that way. So kudos to you guys for having good hearts. It's one of several reasons why I keep following your posts.

  7. Enjoyed the video, I began Following ppl on here back in February, I became a believer after the Easter event at the WH. It’s a roller coaster! Misinterpreted info, Gematria, all that!! I don’t have time to decode, so I am forced to watch others attempts.
    Serial Brain2 /WarDrummer are my favorites!!

    Anyone else have decoders they like?

  8. I know Q is right on the mark, taking us around the MSM. I believe POTUS was placed into power at this time by our Creator who heard our cries of injustice. We pray, Q encourages us to pray, and we are seeing the deep state moving into shallow waters. All Glory to our Lord and for the obedience of Q, the qanons and Donald J Trump! Excited and anxious for the show to begin, and the righteous will shout with joy to witness evil people fall!!!

  9. so I'm totally new to ALL of this!! I became addicted to "opiods" starterd out as percocet then the classic heroin was cheaper blah blah and destroyed the last 10 years of my life (I just turned 30 this year in April so all my 30's..also just did 3 months in Maricopa Arizona County Jail Estrella which if you've never heard of or about sherriff Joe and tent City and all the crap that used to be here and all the shit Trump pardoned off Sherrif Joe of course …anyways I want to write a book about my story for sure as a victim of the mass "opiod epidemic" that was absolutely planned and that's why even sending this message is that id love you guys to do a video on "Big Pharma" and the epidemic and then now crazy state funded free methadone and suboxine programs so get addicted to "their heroin" basically and what I'm going thru now. I just celebrated my 1 year clean off heroin and needles and off the streets in which my boyfriend and I lived on an abandoned old "Dennys' buildinh roof in Phoenix,AZ for over 3 years until this past year!! oh yeah that be another good one is how many are becoming homeless now. it is IINSANE the amount of homeless people I see just here in PHX esp downtown in their shitty ass "shelter" CASS. anyways it's like a while different world and then also course targeted by the cops and constantly sent to jail and esp here over ridiculous things. again I gotta write a book to tell my whole story it's nuts as to why I'm a felon and on probation in the first place lol anyways so ya sorry so Ive always known a little about the "DeepState/IllumiDonkey' LOL but love how u guys do so much cretibal trseqch on these cool different topics and ask really good questions and that's what I'm all about I never stop asking questions. I grew up in a very religious home even went to private school elementary school and was a Sunday school teacher before bedoming a stripper and then street addict LOL again. .BOOK promise! I want to help others too and be a counselor and write my experience since thank GOD I was able to get out alive because statistically inlyv3% ever do and it can get ANY and EVERYONE and even now I'm on Methadone to thank for my one year sober but in the long slow process on weaning off now and hoping to be doing this without ANYTHING soon. that's another thing they want u to keep upping ur dose and NEVER get off and the state insurance even covers my 40 minute one way commute EVERYDAY there and back and a ton of people now and more and more everyday. when started a year ago had to be referred by a inpatient place to get in and this big process but now open 24hours for intake it's nuts! opened another one close by too. so ya BIG PHARMA would be awesome. I'd love to see the Info u guys have dug up about all of that. and maybe too if look into Sherrif Joe and the whole "prison state" that we at Phoenix,AZ now live in…"come on vacation, leave on probation" it's called! lol plus of course huge cartel influence. my grandma used to be a big part in the Republican Party. was once the "National Committee Woman of Arizona" and represented one of AZ's electoral votes the year Bush was Re-elected. Bernice Roberts…sge used to be friends with Sherrif Joe and John McCain personally and when was younger would go with her to a bunch of events and so have met them all too ha pretty crazy to look back now. they were even invited to this big fancy "Ball" type presidential dinner with President Bush and showed me her picture aldum and has a pic of Chuck Norris there too and everything!! lol so ya pretty crazy how things turn…she has given up on politics now she says tgo…dont blame her ha oh is a very old fashion right winged religious EXTREMIST and I'm the problem hild cuz I'm the one that started asking the logical questions with Religion and stuff. anyways I just love how u guys ask all the right questions and do so much research to put all together in short fun to watch videos! for real I'm addicted to it and pretty much how I've caught up to a ton of things and learned some interesting and fun things too and love how u guys even support that we really don't know and want to know others thoughts and show all poiinta if the arguments it's funny how dumb the mainstream media and deep state really sound when covering up things when u present it like some stuff was for real hard to believe but u guys have all legit sources and awesome u hook it up for us! and is it me or does this "Q" remind anyone e of "V" from "V for Vendetta"??? lol that's first thing I thought. he's even predicting a date in November. . tomorrow I think right? wtf gonna happen on a Sunday ?! hmm guess shall see. anyways sorry bout all that again a writer so cant help it I always write novel messages lol SORRY!! but for real u guys rock and totally keep me sane while bored at work and can't wait to see more ones that are to come! Thanks! 🙂

  10. This is incorrect; the truth watered down for people who have believed the mainstream their whole lives. Its a great start but nowhere near the destination. If you really think about this situation it really doesnt make any sense why some people would dedicate their whole lives to enslave people and not even achieve the goal within their lifetime and still pursue it. Its bigger than material things. Its beyond the scope of this comment, but if ur this far and u believe this, dont stop here.

  11. the goal of socialism isnt communism, just like the goal of capitalism isnt an oligarchy.
    capitalism is malleable and so is socialism, you can take aspects of two things and balance them out. kind of like having a peanut butter sandwich and a jelly sandwich, you can take two things, use the best parts of them and have something great.

    like, if you socialized healthcare and made it a right. you would no longer have to pay 100k for chemotherapy, instead using that 100k to build your business. take the money generated from your business and pass it down to your children.

    if you raised the minimum wage to 15$ you would be able to quit your second job and spend more time with your family, while also contributing more to your local economy. I make up to 750 per week, if im hungry theres a mom and pop store nearby that sells chicken. if i buy often from there it means that my average wage is benefitting them just as well as it benefited me.

    you dont have to complety dive into the pool, you can just wet your feet and chill. theres no reason why america should be so nice to the rich and so bad to the poor. your entire video is all about how these multibillionaire people buy influence to make their evil agenda, meaning why should we give the cabal a tax break? why should you have to work 2 jobs to make ends meet while the cabal sits comfortable in their house all day plotting evil shit?

    you deserve to be able to work for a living, not just half of one. if you work 2 jobs to make ends meet, that 7.50 x 2 which is 15. you make 60 dollars a day for only working 8 hours, meaning you work at most 16 hours for 120. (if they dont cut your hours)

    meaning you work 16 hours for 7.50, but if you worked 8 hours for 15 dollars you would make 120. thats half your day.

    120×5= 600 a week or 2400 per month (40 hours a week/160 hours a month)

    if you till choose to work 2 jobs for 15 an hour thats 120×2= 240 a day

    240×5=1200 a week or 4,800 per month (80 hours a week/320 hours a month)

  12. Everything the MSM says is psychological warfare. Owned and controlled by those who share something (hint) in common with the Usurpers of 1913. They control the Agencies and everybody in Washington knows Trump will have to deal with them before draining the swamp and arresting these criminals. The NSA answers to no one but them.

  13. The way I see it if the mockingbird media is against something (eg QAnon) then its probably true and/or in our best interests.
    Conspiracy Theorist is a term used for people who have seen through the BS!

  14. Hi Guys! I've been watching you and love how you expose and simplify it all for us! Thank You! I just became an " ENTHUSIAST"..:) Best 10$ Ive spent in a long time..Keep doing what you do! Love from Canada!

  15. Personally, I'm not sure what to believe about this. There's certainly a lot of interesting information & strange coincidences about it, but I wish there was something a bit more substantial. That said, people that talk about Q & Pizzagate being "conspiracies" typically don't even address the substance of those topics. Their rebuttal ends up being nothing more than insults and name calling. Either that, OR they'll bring up absolute surface-level, out of context peripherals and claim to "debunk" it (such as Megyn Kelly interviewing James Alefantis and the cherry picked photos they brought up, while completely ignoring the more scandalous photos and the disgusting connections/posts James had before setting his accounts to private).
    All this, while simultaneously & unironically using Snopes as a reputable source of information despite the blatant examples of misquoting/mischaracterizing information, obvious political bias, waiting until long after their misinformation has been spread to edit & correct, leaving out pertinent facts/information & deceptively wording articles so that even when they're wrong….they still appear right. Add to that the fact that a frightening amount of people just WILL NOT read the information or sources, they'll just read the headline and Snopes' judgement and it seems to work as a pretty effective form of propaganda.

  16. Do you really think trump is not part of the elite? Do you think they wouldn't have killed him already of he was against him? Remember Kennedy? And you honestly believe there is some vigilante super hero, Q, who fights for you? For realZ? Fighting how? Posting anon cryptic messages on some teenage boards on the interwebs? You Americans are more stupid than I thought…. Focus on your education, learn to differentiate between Austria and Australia, stop believing fairytails and maybe just maybe you will come to something as a average intelligence human being, cause now you are on the level of monkeys that know how to dance for their bananas!

  17. Last comment on your ridiculous channel cause I ain't gonna give you more views so you can keep making money to produce this horseshit! You are ridiculous "we are winning?" Really? Hahahaha, I will laugh my ass out once trump is out of office and NOTHING would have changed despite illegal abortions and other bullcrap! You are so naive it's almost cute. So you deserve your suffering once the idiot Trump is out and you see no magical changes in your life! Pathetic idiots!

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