so this may not apply to every individual who believes in conspiracy theories, but this research might help to understand why we find them so interesting!




  1. Watching this video, is where I unsubscribed.
    The idea that you disregard ALL conspiracy theories, when many times de-classified information has proven "conspiracy theories" to have been correct at the time.
    I cannot really respect your view's, after that.

  2. So Hitler did it all by himself, right? Those who said he had conspiring backers and warned
    others were loonies. Don't forget Nixon either, who never went to jail for his crimes. Powerful people never conspire in crimes? The moon landing of 1969 and what Nixon's secretary said about it. How about the disappearance of Paul McCartney in 1966, go look at the albums, go find his son's video. Sure others post videos with unclear details, like you say…. so be better than them.

  3. I'm from Colorado, so I'm always bringing up the confirmation bias around friends and family. My friends who smoke weed will read article that say there is no effect on them or people/animals around them. My friends and family that don't bring up article that highlight all the terrible effects marijuana has. Both sides ignore any information that contradicts them and call it garbage.

  4. no offence, Given that lots of people could come up with such theory, is it the scientific methods and experiments that professional psychologists are trained for that set them apart from armchair psychologists? Can confirmation bias be a confirmation bias itself forming a loop/paradox? Is it still verbally defined as believing without evidence or confirmation bias when it comes upon theories like strong theory? How would psychologists judge whether other fields' reasoning etc if they don't have corresponding knowledge on it, and if so, then how would anyone know whether it is confirmation bias or not except from the people who are working on it themselves?

  5. Okay so I get the not believing in things like the Mandela affect if you aren't a religious or spiritual minded person or especially the reptilian theory… but if you're someone who bases everything off fact and are a realist how can you just group them and say you don't believe them. Like haha so many conspiracy theories have ended up to be true! That's not a theory… that's a fact. Horrible and insane ones have been true. Not believing what the masses believe doesn't mean you're not realistic… it means you're not a sheep. I think it's important to explore all of these (within reason) and try to think of them with an open mind. I've been watching a lot of your videos and you seem like a very intelligent and curious person, but if that's the case (honestly no offense) wouldn't it be ignorant to ignore conspiracy theories…? Something is just a conspiracy if it's a different mindset than the public… so is thinking outside the box then not something you "believe"? You lost me on this one. I also get a bit angry when these things are grouped all together, I believe a lot of things that are supported by a lot of fact (no I'm not talking about aliens or the illuminati) and a lot of things that have become 100% true. I would really appreciate a response, again absolutely no hate… this video just left a bad taste in my mouth -when people group conspiracies all together as though they are all about aliens and parallel universes and time glitches etc.

  6. Have you ever looked into the Psychology behind 'satisfaction videos'? Like, why do we find those so soothing?

  7. dear rudolf,
    your reasoning is somewhat sound, but watching a normie nothingbelievertard is annoying as fuck.
    btw intent does not matter with these theories, people don't need understandable reasons to fuck others over. conspiracy theorists are just pissed off and try to understand the reasoning behind fucked up normies actions so they don't have a reason to just whack them dead because they behave like rabid monkeys.

  8. Police deal almost inclusively in "conspiracy theories" yet this girl thinks they dont exist? Lol, yeah mate, no two people have ever colluded against others in the history of the world.

  9. I've always been fascinated by conspiracy theories, but I've always looked in while outside the box. 9/11 truthers were fascinating for years. Same goes for people that believe Reptilians/Nibiru (Planet X) and The History of Yakub.

  10. I can't think of a single conspiracy theory that I believe in I do however think there is always more to a story so I'm always open and fascinated. I think it's a bit dangerous and actually unhealthy to be someone with such distrust about everything in the world. To me none of these things really make a difference though I'm someone of faith so I believe God is always in control of my life so I don't worry about the world behind the scenes I just find it all fun conversation. Who knows. 🙂

  11. i dont think you get the instinctively taught reasons behind false beliefs in the human primates. But still a good overview of some parts of false beliefs…but very narrow look at a very wide field.

  12. No hate as I really enjoy your videos but I have to disagree with what you said that people who believe conspiracy theories have a lack of control on their lives, a lot of conspiracy theories have scientific evidence and even some of the smartest scientists and physicists believe in theories such as alternate universes..

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