Proofs of a Conspiracy by John Robison (Published in 1798) – Book Review

Proofs of a Conspiracy by John Robison (1798) One of the First Books to Expose the Illuminati *SUBSCRIBE* for more great videos daily and sound off in the …




  1. Hey Mark, are the Shriners part of the illuminati or something totally separate?
    Not trying to be funny I really want to know where or if the Shiners fit into the scheme of things.

  2. Mark, have you ever made any videos about John F. Kennedy's puzzling speech often referred to as the Secret Societies Speech?  Some attribute JFK's murder to this speech in particular.  It was given to the American Newpaper Publishers Society at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City on April 27, 1961.  This is an audio copy on YouTube.

  3. Professor was a scientist, good one, inventor (siren), in those days you didnt get rich with such books. Like Barruel's work he took a lot of trouble to gather this material.

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