Popular Fan Theories That Have Finally Been Confirmed

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  1. When Logan dies, and he gets told that he will hold his own heart in his hands … The two movies aren't even in the same "Universe"?????

  2. The Tarzan connection cant be true. There’s a Union Jack flying from the tree house. Why would the King and Queen of arendale fly the British flag above there house?

  3. Arrow is connected to Logan. Logan is connected to x-men. Arrow is connected to flash. Flash is connected to supergirl. Arrow is also connected to legends of tomorrow.

  4. Uhm but in the bottom part that isn't highlighted, it says Frozen and Tarzan are not officially connected, especially The Little Mermaid

  5. I'm adding the Tarzan thing to my AD&D parallel universe world. My players first underestimated Tarzan, then saw how he was superhuman and that is how the apes and other animals accepted him as their own. Tarzan is normally human level on most things, but trauma, anger and effort super-accellerates his capabilities (my Tarzan). I could rant, but this is a comment and not a rant section.

  6. It’s 2018 can we PLEASE put the theory about Anna and Elsa’s parents also being Tarzan’s to rest?! The timelines aren’t even close. Tarzan’s parents’ ship crashed near Africa, Anna and Elsa’s parents were headed to Rapunzel and Eugene’s wedding in Europe from Scandinavia, and we saw what happened to both ships. Tarzan’s parents’ ship was on fire and sank, Anna and Elsa’s parents’ ship was capsized by a tidal wave. Y’all disappoint me seriously.

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