Pope rips capitalism at U.S.-Mexico border

Pope Francis

Pope Francis

Pope Francis wrapped his tour through spots in Mexico with a stop at the border with America, in Ciudad Juarez, a town known for its drug-cartel violence, and paid tribute to migrants who’ve died trying to reach the United States, located just feet away.

And at least one conservative columnist and pundit, Ben Shapiro, took up pen to denounce the pontiff’s rally.

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“Funny, he never did that while visiting Cuba to pay tribute to those who died attempting to escape that Communist hellhole,” he wrote, in Breitbart. “[The pope instead] reserved his spite for a nation with one of the most generous immigration policies on the planet.”

According to Reuters, the pope blessed three planted Christian crosses and said: “We cannot deny the humanitarian crisis. Each step, a journey laden with grave injustices: the enslaved, the imprisoned and extorted … Let us together ask our God for the gift of conversion, the gift of tears, let us ask Him to give us open hearts like the Ninevites, open to his call heard in the suffering faces of countless men and women. No more death. No more exploitation.”

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The pontiff made the remarks on the heels of saying capitalism worked against God’s will and that God would punish “slave drivers of our days” for exploiting workers and furthering “the flow of capital [to] decide the flow of people,” Breitbart reported.

And Shapiro’s reaction?

“This is, simply put, asinine,” he wrote. “The reason for the humanitarian crisis driving people north is the corrupt anti-capitalist governance so common to Latin America – the same sort of governance the pope believes is apparently more godly than the capitalism drawing people like a magnet to the United States. So the same system the pope decries is the system the pope wants inundated with victims of those who oppose the system. How ironic. Even more ironic: the Vatican remains one of the most immigration-restrictive states on Earth.”