1. #mandelashane I CANT BELIEVE THAT THE SONG "WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS (ONE OF MY FAVORITE SONGS) DOESN'T HAVE…OF THE WORLD @ THE END!?!?!!! (sorry for the caps btw i am excited, but seriously this is messed up!)

  2. Something is going to happen to Shane like he's always talking about people getting killed because they are getting to close to the illuminati. And I think Shane is getting there I really hope nothing happens!

  3. this is the safe zone if u are scared
    we have food:??? ????????????????????????????????????????⚱?☕???????????⚱?????????
    we have guards:????????????????????????????????????????
    we have houses:??????????????????????????????????????????

  4. Was anybody else watching his other conspiracy videos and then this one was so much brighter than the other ones

  5. I know I'm late but didn't Betty white die?!! And she isn't dead now… I remember specifically watching it on the news that she died?

  6. also i always remembered Fintstones being cute because flint is a rock and everyone has rock names. barney is a rubble for instance. so flint makes more since than flen.

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