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  1. I think he was receiving major death threats to the point where he was in a way.. prepared for it to happen so the music video was most likely made out of instinct and threats

  2. Wait how did he have problems with homophobia in jail he gave the person a warning cause he was looking at him in the showers you can't blame him in that situation he took it a lil too far but he's not homophobic

  3. I tend to gravitate towards American youtubers rather than the other parts of the world because the videos just range differently and i can tolerate the way you guys use the word "like" but girl you made me want to pull my hair out at times in the video especially from 11:30 onwards

  4. If trynna fake your death to get out of the spot life , then why do so many people want to be famous if so many things like this are happening , he must have been going threw something to make a music video of his death / funeral

  5. With Justin .. If his momma was in cuba 9 months before justin was born then what if that’s his dad though? .. if there is a photo of them two together then 9 months later justin was born? .. well eaither way we have us a good looking prime minister 🇨🇦❤️

  6. It kinda reminds me of Michael Jackson’s death because days before Michael died, he told his family and close friends that he felt like someone was out to get him.

  7. one time i was talking about how i’ve never been in a car crash and HADNT even gotten out of the car since i said that, 20 mins later i got in a really bad car crash

  8. XXX means 666. Basically x=6. I believe he died but wasn’t shot by some random person. I think he was killed by someone (if you know what I mean) because he knew too much or was gonna expose someone

  9. Dude he's castro's son

    Also Google translate was user based so people were probably fucking with the translations

  10. Heyyyyyy pleaseeeee make a conspiracy theory about ed sheeran pleaseeeeeeee ( anyone with me ???) Like I know ed sheeran is super cute and there is no conspiracy about him ….. but .. I just want conspiracy theory about him . Like yu know ………??

  11. I know im late but like the words arent spaced out weird,, theyre by two letters at a time…like some sort of code.

  12. What if….
    He was going to take his death or run away or something and said all the crazy stuff but never got the chance as he was killed anyway

  13. That live video was months before, people called it the "last message" because that's what he wanted when he died. It was not the same day of his death.

  14. Omg omg I just found out that the Drake and Josh theme song goes like “it’s gonna take some time to realign” instead of “ it’s gonna take some time to realize” do a Mandela effect on this!!!!!!!

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