For today’s video, were talking about Pokemon Go and some of the conspiracy theories people have about it! What do you think? Leave a comment, I’d love to …




  1. My ex and I were desperate and saw that there were pokemon across his lake. We took a damn boat across the lake just to get them lmao

  2. Honestly i don't think Pokemon go was created just to spy on us, but i definitely think the government has saved files of every footprint you make online, i believe they have your address, who you talk to, pictures of you, facial recognition data, messages, texts, voice recordings, pretty much everything you do on your phone, and its very creepy but its almost understandable, because they would maybe need this information to track down terrorists. People involved in sex trafficking or other crimes. I dont think they would use it against us at this point in time.

  3. Theory:Maybe the government can go in the game and they see differently,(they could see where we are.)and maybe they're using that to do something secret.(maybe they're following other people and killing them or kidnapping them.(people that know too much or something)

  4. I’m not the big fan of conspiracy theories,but maybe it’s a good thing that I don’t play poke go. Btw you should do one video on near death experience.

  5. When I was in second grade my teacher took my Pokemon cards cause they fell out of my backpack I snuck in the class and took them out of her desk and I got dimed out and got suspended for 3 days haha it was worth it hahahaha

  6. I had a friend who wasnt allowed to watch/play anything related to pokemon because her mom thinks pokemon is demonic…

  7. I'm curious what you think about when the ebola virus came out of nowhere and then disappeared from the media as sudden as it appeared. I 100% think that was a government distraction. It was this sudden huge crisis and then it was just gone. Hmmm….

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