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  1. It’s inconceivable to me that anyone would have believed the Clintons
    were running a porn ring, let alone a child porn ring, and from, of all
    places, the back of a pizza parlor. Who makes up this stuff?  And who is
    dumb enough to believe it?

  2. please see youtube commentary by Sargon of Akkad. gives in dept info about artist and real prosecuted government and non government related pedophilia rings. accusations without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.

  3. Sounds to me like the Republicans/Conservatives can't let Democrats fucking go, and had a shit ton of things made up. Like, really? JUST those three politicians, and they are all Dems. Also, don't trust WIKIleaks. You shouldn't even trust Wikipedia for research, and an college will tell you that you cannot use that site as a source, and Wikileaks is the same way. Plus, they have admitted to putting out bullshit before. It IS odd that the pizza places have logos similar to the logos idiot pedos use to brand themselves but let's be honest. The first one, the two hearts with another two below it, look like a drawing that a 2 year old who likes to draw hearts would make. I have seen that weird triangle swirly thing before, on math video games. The only interesting thing is investigating the two politics that look like the men who possibly captured/murdered the little girl. It does no good to spout bullshit and hurt someone's reputation and involve businesses in something that there is o evidence to. Also, hurt childrten? Pizza place? Five Nights at Freddy's anyone?

  4. 9 times out of 10 pedophilia is inter family meaning children almost are never kidnapped to be part of a pedophilic ring (not saying it doesn't happen, it does. But not as often) they could be "hiding it in plain sight" etc something that seems so obviously bizarre might be on purpose to help direct away from it.

    Love your conspiracy videos!!!!

  5. the instagram pictures are to lure in the pedophiles along with their store logos. You also forgot to add the email of a a picture of Lisa ling with her neice and podesta talking about a "pizza party" or sex party

  6. his name in french is a play on words, james achilles alefantis in french sounds like jaime enculer l'enfants which means loves to fuck kids in the ass….. enculer from achilles is the part you missed

  7. When she said the Podesta brothers might have been connected to the disappearance of that little girl in Portugal I immediately thought of the Casa Pia child sexual abuse scandal in Portugal. Another case of politicians and famous people from around the world involved in an elite child abuse ring.

  8. I'm a new subscriber.. I'm also a big fan of conspiracies and your the first youtuber I've watched tht is super open minded.. I like how yu don't automatically point fingers and say a theory is fact with not a whole lot of evidence .. Good shit. I'm going to watch more of your stuff ( :

  9. I freaking love your videos!! And I think you're right on… I think there's truth to it but things have been added in to make it seem crazy and those who believe it even crazier. But I do totally believe that pedophilia is rampant in both Hollywood and our government… and it makes me want to vomit! I pray that those who prey on children have to answer for it and soon…

  10. There is something not right with this video. Clearly, you can give yourself unlimited "likes" or you and your followers are that dumb. Sorry, you are off. Since you asked, don't do any more conspiracy theory videos. I don't understand who would follow you. Just because you can't figure it out doesn't mean it's not happening. Do you know what a false flag is stupid?

  11. When I looked into the Madeline McCann, I found that Scotland Yard is in charge of he investigation, they offered a Belgium theory, no mention of the Podesta brothers. Those suspect drawings require a full investigation.

  12. I don't know, it's pretty sketchy and I think there's something involving children for sure. I'd say I mostly believe in this theory. One of the reasons I don't think it's a distraction is because there is a current movement to normalize pedophilia. Also, it's not new for people with money and power to abuse children because they think they can get away with it.

  13. I think at first it was just a coincidence but when they found out that people thought they were peter-files they thought of it as a joke and just took the piss outa it and started joking around

  14. In reference to the girl taped to the table. Of course I don't think the girl was in distress along with the kids in those pizza photos but I think they use photos like that as a symbolic reference in essence that they're communicating to each other through the photos as well.

  15. But why would they use an already known code… wouldn't it make more sense to use/reference something only people within their group would understand? And not only that, but change the code at random intervals? It's like they want to get caught, if not it's just downright sloppy.
    Regardless, I'm nope-ing this shit. Just- just no, fuck no. Whether it's real or not, its fucked, and I just want to be a safe distance from it: the distance between the earth and the moon, to be exact. Duces ✌?✌?✌?✌?✌?

  16. Well the Besta Pizza logo and the little boy lover symbol are flipped which can totally change the meaning, like everyone knows what a Swastika looks like, it points clockwise and represents German Nazis, however if it's drawn counter clockwise it resembles peace and is known as a positive Swastika, I mean the transitions are different but.. worth noting

  17. I can see how you would debunk the "theory" because of your politic believes but don't blind yourself to all the evidence. Theres no difference between Hillary or Trump there are all in the same boat. You shouldn't lay your trust in these politicians and defend those kind of actions. "Pizzagate" is maybe just the tip of the iceberg! Get yourself informed on all aspects and not just repeat facts that you find by random media outlets which have their own personal agenda. If you wanna be an informative channel about "Conspiracy theories" than actually try putting more effort into finding the truth instead of overlooking it.
    I advise everyone to watch the Youtuber "Reality Calls", she made some pretty good investigation towards this topic and has a more neutral outlook on it.

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  18. Check out the Omaha child sex ring which was a REAL thing in the late '80s early '90s. Its referred to as the Franklin Scandal. And it did go all the way to the then Republican held White House. Many high ranking officials, senators, aides were all caught participating in this proven sex ring using the kids from the Boys Town Children's Home!!!! So sad that these things are true & really do happen!!

  19. The whole French name thing is a bit of a stretch… I'm an American but taking French for over six years tells me that name isn't exactly similar to "I love children" and James isn't even a French name at all… Maybe his last name is and his first name was Americanized because his parents are from here? It's an incredibly rare last name, but it's actually only really in the U.S., Greece, and Canada (maybe French Canadian? Unlikely…) ADORE your videos, Kendall!

  20. Fucking pedophiles, how many pizza and fucking hotdogs can that Obuma dick eat, did he feed the fucking world. As if they would allow outside food to be flown into the Whitehouse, the risk factor for that is so fucking high it would never happen. Stop fucking playing with your hair also its FUCKING ANNOYING. If it quacks like a duck its a fucking duck, people who pose in a seductive weird way with pedo suggestions need to be fucking smashing with a bat.

  21. i'm french and "James alefantis" does not mean "i love children" yes James and J'aime are similir but not "alefantis" and "les enfants" they are not pronced at All the same way (sorry for my english)


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