Pizzagate: Conspiracy Theories Can Get People Killed

A man believing a right-wing internet conspiracy entered a pizza place with a gun and fired. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Tell us what …




  1. Sheer coincidence the guy, Shaw, just so happens to be an ACTOR (The Mill, etc) and a producer AND Shaw purportedly had recently been involved in an accident whereas he hit a girl with his car (no 'deals' could be made in THAT scenerio) No coincidence only a floor tile and the computer was damaged, said computer which happened to be in a closet (not that Alefontis would have a need or reason to ditch his computer mind you). Hmmm, just another coincidence and not another bs red flag op to discredit potential allegations against crimes involving children and DC or …wait…..hmmm….just coincidence Hillary a week later made her speech at Reid's retirement that they need to "shut down fake news"!?!? NAH! NOTHING to see here, folks….. Especially if the Young Turds are on it. LMBO

  2. sorry, but the only one at fault is the idiot 'Hero' who didn't know how to do research. fake news shouldn't be regarded as real, but you're crazy if you think someone publishing an article in the onion is responsible for the actions of those who take it seriously.
    you are responsible for your own actions. it stands to reason that this means that your responsible for double checking the information you take in.

  3. Lol, this guy is the biggest shill disinfo agent, move over Alex jones here come the young Turks. The shooter was an orchestrated false flag, gotta take everyone's guns!!!! Oh and let's start censoring everyone. Same ole rant so predictable. There are some great communist countries if you don't like our constitution, there's China and Korea, go buy a one way ticket do us all a favor.

  4. Let's take a walk down memory lane and take a closer look at the Franklin coverup, for those of you who don't understand that trafficking is a reality, you need to stop living in a fairytale

  5. CENK your job is to do research!!! And make sure what your saying comes from all the investigation you've done!!!!! BS theres no evidence!!!

  6. Massive pedophile stings have happened in California, New York, and DC. International adoption agencies are being raided by the FBI all after pizza gate broke out. Fake news from the young Turks suppresses human trafficking and child rape.

  7. this is pretty deep, if we were at some agency wouldn't this be something to look at from all angles? never been at this restaurant i don't know all of the facts, for goodness sake just hope it's not true.

  8. Thanks for this. It is very enlightening. I always thought conspiracy theories were harmless. And as long as they only involved the big shots living in their gated communities and teams of security people, oh well there are the hazards of fame. After all isn't that is exactly why they are paid so royally so they live their protected. stress managed lives and hire people to protect and defend them?.But now these theories are recycled to include the normal everyday defenseless person. The random pizza shop owner. The parent of a murder victim. And this is where it crosses the decency line. Truly.

  9. 100% SPIN! Holy crap this is terrible! What a pathetic excuse for "journalism." Wow…

    "Cenk, "nothing to see here" reporting is NOT journalism. It's the OPPOSITE of journalism."

    Pizzagate / Pedogate is a real thing. Don't mock it you asshole.

  10. so sad – thought you guys had guts – but I guess not! Pizzagate is real and not 'Fake News' Just the least amount of investigation and you would see – but then you know that. You are part of the problem.


  12. I usually like TYT but this time cenk is just name calling and not presenting any of the evidence in question.

  13. TYT is a fucken joke, everybody here should watch Ben Swann's investigative report on pizza gate. Then make the decision for yourself

  14. Just a few facts= Jeffrey Bartleson, John McCain's campaign manager was arrested for multiple pedophilia charges. The same McCain that with Ashton Kutcher went in front of Congress asking for money to combat child trafficking. Bill and Hillary multiple times flew on Jeffrey Epsteins plane to his island. He was convicted of a child sex ring. Do you think they flew in for a cookout?

  15. we know how much they are paying you TYT. it's not enough. truth will open the doors open wide. just stand down. your videos are losing ground. thumbs down you Alex Jones lover. and pedo lover

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