Philae Comet Lander Alien Conspiracy Theory

The European Space Agency made galactic history when their Rosetta Mission successfully landed its Philae probe on a speeding comet. Now, an alternative …




  1. I like TYT and this is an ok show. But why are you guys so bad at science stories? You called the comet "Philae" when that's the lander that landed on the comet. That sound you hear isn't coming from the comet. The comet is emitting radio waves which ESA changed so that it would be audible to human ears. Its not as if the comet is actually making sound (as we think of it). These are all important details and it sucks that you got them wrong, when you called this the coolest story of the week. 

  2. Wait so we made advances in the field of science and found unexpected results? What clever devil would have thought up such a scenario?
    Give the researches time to analyze the data and reform their hypothesis…We're learning new things about the astral bodies, mysteries are to be expected. But to jump to a remote interstellar space station conspiracy is a little gun hoe wouldn't you say? 

  3. You'd think that if the governments and the space agencies of the world knew there were aliens, and knew this comet was in actuality a spacecraft of sorts, and they didn't want to inform the public of that, they'd either not inform the public at all, or at least do a five minute Photoshop job on the images before they were released so there'd be no trace of anything looking like a space craft in them, and just not release this audio from the comet at all (which isn't really audio to begin with, btw)? This type of kooky conspiracy theory bullshit needs to be berated and derided, not discussed as if it has any merit like you do here (although I understand there's humor in this conversation).

  4. "If Malibu's gone, er…we have to go to space." WTF? Woof! Talk about aliens. Can we send these idiots to live on 67P, please?

  5. we are all enslaved to christian religions
     or at least we are enslaved to the governments attempt to use christian to brainwash everyone.

  6. The "music" is not a sound (there is no air around the comet) but an acoustic representation of oscillations of the magnetic field in the comet's environment recorded by the probe's magnetometer. It may be the result of the solar wind ionizing neutral particles released by the comet. I find it odd that none of the hosts bothered to look up what Rosetta scientists are speculating (e.g. http://blogs.esa.int/rosetta/2014/11/11/the-singing-comet). Oh, I forgot, it's just science.

  7. why are you all mentioning conspiracy theories on this so much? It's just shit we are seeing and hearing which we do not know what they are exactly. All these comments are acting like it's JFk or 9/11 conspiracies. I would expect a little more open minded people on a libtard channel. TYT just shouldn't have said the word "conspiracy theory" now it's all bias bullshit

  8. if it was of an alien origin and wasn't meant to be found or scrutinized, why was it sending out "radio bursts" at us?

  9. There are other ways of looking at it. You all should consider openness when approaching the topic of extraterrestrial life. Maybe some races exist that have evolved well beyond the need for conquer and rather a race benign that is watching the evolution of our own. In the manner a human is recognized by a tiger in the Taiga, we recognize extraterrestrials? I don't know for sure but keep the minds open.

  10. Humans expect what we would expect to do ourselves, Maybe not personally but i know as a species we can be really opportunistic and quite cruel. Lets hope they have more intelligence than us if we do meet aliens.

  11. How can there be sounds coming from the comet when space is a vacuum!?

    PS Philae was the name of the lander, not the comet. The comet is called '67P'.

  12. I love how dumb as hell people make up shit and have less than 0% of any form of education in science. The noise was from the comet, but it was sped up 10,000 times to the point you can hear it. People make shit up about stupid photoshopped images but a person says OBAMA isn't an American and is working with the terrorist and they have 100% proof, they get called crazy bastards, but a drunk redneck photoshops images and makes a video and people jump on board and believe it, it makes me glad to be smart and know what the hell I'm talking about.

  13. There would be a compitetion to make first contact to secure the marketing rightss. which would only increase the chaos.  I'm almost seventy, so I 've got a better chance of not living until all hell breaks loose!

  14. Aliens and president hair going white? na , na na na. We all died in 2012, Obama covered it up with all his elite grey aliens from planet Baka nachu muna muna boom boom. On the other hand, that girl big tits has its own orbit, they should send a lander to those twins.

  15. Is there a bigger collection of ignorant fuckheads anywhere on YouTube than these 3 shitheads? Wow. I'd rather sledgehammer my balls than listen to these 3 self richeous Manhattan douchbags again.

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