Peter Pan's DARK Side – Disney's Dark Secrets About Peter Pan (Tooned Up S5 E5)

Peter Pan was not always so innocent… The original tale of Peter Pan showed a much darker side of Peter, including taking out some pirates permanently!




  1. Peter is bad for hook was a lost boy along with his crew members that he saved. How did peter thin out lost boys for growing up? He fed them to the crocodile however when hook was fed to the crocodile it only took his hand leaving him to get away. After this hook gathers his crew by rescuing the other boys that peter has. Maybe this is why hook goes after peter when he has the darlings.

  2. I think Peter pan is a angel who takes children to heaven that's why they never grow up. Because he died as a kid and didn't get to grow up so he thought nobody else should too. I think 'Neverland' is just child heaven.

  3. In the 1950’s one it turns out Peter Pan was evil.. because Peter Pan is actually an angel and “neverland” is actually heaven so peter took the kids to heaven which means he killed them.

  4. Peter pan is about suicide don't you get a never land you can't go there unless your dead Caption Hook was his enemy Captain Hook was one of his victims That's why he wants to stop him so bad all of his crew were victims Because captan hook didn't want him taking no more kids That's why they are there in one movie when the kids turn 18 Peter kills them

  5. I heard that Peter Pan was this murderers thing but I also heard that hook and his crew were lost boys and when they grew up they escaped from Peter b4 he killed them. So then hook was trying to help the lost boys that were with Peter so that that would be safe. That’s what I heard not saying it’s true.

  6. Thank you!!! I needed this history lesson, I'm planning to write a story about peter pan (played by Robbie kay) and this is really helpful!!! Hashtag: Research!!!

  7. Peter and Wendy's relationship is pretty unique for something from a Disney movie. He convinces her to leave home when she's still a youngin. When Wendy gets to Peter's crib, she sees he has a side chick (Tink). The side chick tries to merk her. She gets on with his boys, though they want her to do some mommy fetish thing. But she's kinda into it. She misses home and peaces out. He backs off a little. No happy ever after. But then he tries to mack on her daughter.

  8. Mr darling is Captain Hook
    First of all, they have the same voice actor
    Second of all they look the same- just Captain Hook is skinner
    And third of all at the end when Mr darling looks at the cloud shaped as the ship, he says that the ship looks familiar and he remembers it from being very young.

  9. Have any of you read the book "Lost boy" by author "Chrestina Henry"? Pter pan has always been creepy to me, but now… i cant even watch the movie anymore.

  10. Friendly reminder that the reason why all of the lost boys were taken from Kensington park is because a common problem in barries time was children wandering away from their parents and freezing to death in the elements when the park was locked overnight

    This is hinted at in peter pans 1st appearance the little white bird which later was republished as peter in Kensington gardens

    In this book it is hinted that peter is one such child who was left in the park and froze to death and now collects children of similar fates

    In fact the book even ends that when parents rush in to find their kids in the garden they will only find “the sweetest little tombstone instead. I do hope peter is not to ready with his spade”

    So there you go Peter Pan is a vengeful ghost

  11. Sad theory about it why Peter pan never grow up because he is an angel he is already died he takes children who died and take them to neverland which is heaven that's why u never grow up in neverland its heaven

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