Parkland Crisis Actor Conspiracy Theory DEBUNKED

Right wingers are desperately trying to smear the victims of the Parkland shooting. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, the hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you think in the…




  1. Why there is not a proliferation of videos of David Hogg supporters that testify his claim are truthful? How come cannot in California has not provide evidence.

  2. The Young Turds brought up the magic bullet theory… They want to take away or guns… You guys are the definition of propaganda

  3. Russians hate Conservatives… Why would they help the Right-wing… If anything, the Russian want our guns taken away… Look at RT News, which is ran by the Russian government… The Young Turds are probably being paid by Russians right now…

  4. Anti gun people like you are furious that we are actually and finally using logic instead of your stupid emotions while being brainwashed by your left-wing bullshit!

  5. No it’s the fact he said himself that he grabbed his camera and rode 3 miles on his bike to the school. Then he’s in the school taking videos. TYT you guys are awful and are funded by the media to help push false flags

  6. Tyt is amazing. Thank you guys for speaking the true. It’s pretty bad that there are comments on this video that actually believe he was an actor but it’s probably because to them you are a threat to the made up reality they created for themselves using garbage sources.

  7. How does a conspiracy video of that sort become #1 on trending? I understand some negative talk about George Soros' choice of social justice funding, but fake shooting actors? Whaaaaaat?

  8. The video it's self started with clips of David Hogg saying he wasn't in school the day the shooting took place. The clips where from ABC, MSNBC and CNN. The question that the FBI started to ask is "Why are there so many Students from Parkland that say, the person they claimed to be the shooter was in the hall talking to other students while the Shooting was still happening?" With Mr Hogg not having an Alibi for where he was during the shooting, this raised the question of weather Mr. Hogg was a suspect as well. He claimed he was at home when he saw the shooting on TV. Mr. Hogg claims he grabbed his camera and raced to the school on his bike to get first reactions.
    However there is also the potability that due to the physical build, and facial structure represented on surveillance footage. Cruz and Hogg have roughly the same build. This had FBI asking if they had the right kid in custody. Then there is the fact the person who Identified Cruz was 1 and 1/2 city blocks away when the shooting took place. These are the reasons David Hoggs story where under suspicion, and the new story was manufactured

    Then there is the question of Who benefits if the shooting takes place? Cui Bono; Latin, meaning who stands to gain, or who stood to gain(from crime, and so might have been responsible for it)? David Hogg's Father was an FBI agent who has left the Agency to work for a Security and Crises Training for School Shootings. Who would benefit is The company Mr. Hogg. In fact they had an "Active Shooter Drill"(as David Hogg Called it) had been done there weeks prior to the shooting. There was another "Training exercise" scheduled the week the shooting took place. It was on the school event log for Scheduled events.

    It raises some interesting questions and should be given a look into the potability of Hogg doing the shooting to further his fathers company and the contracts to sign other schools for their training programs. And due to the fact the last 7 shooters where all Socialists, Democrats, and flat out Communist's. I would say the odds are high that Hogg and his skinhead Girlfriend are the perpetrators of the crime.

  9. And the other fact here is Chimp and his fellows at TYT usualy file the claims against other youtubers all of the time.

  10. TYT does the Defamation of character every day they claim in this video as well. They are Hypocrites. Wait did she say they where actors? Wow! She just said that there are Actors that work for the "Media" LOL!

  11. Yes the Communists are loosing as they are the Minority! We are not the Minority, Because we are on the side of the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

  12. debunked? why don't you have david hogg on your program and ask how he heard the story on the radio at home and rode his bmx bike as fast as he could, got past an army of cops..and then filmed guns going off. and yet somehow was also in ap science class? wow that david hogg is amazing huh cenk you fking shill?   go ahead debunk that shit!!! you wont because your nothing more than an operation mockingbird network, or maybe it was because of the SEVERAL DRILLS THEY HAVE ALREADY HAD AT THIS SCHOOL? lol  gee amazing how many schools have these drills and not to long after, they have a real incident? DEBUNK THAT SHIT?

  13. The title of this video is Parkland crisis actor conspiracy debunked, yet y'all did not debunk anything just went in a rant mode about a number of things. The news footage of Hoggs in CA with the surf incident is continuely being deleted off youtube. But you guys are pretty credible and not fake news so we will patiently wait for you to debunk that…

  14. SorosTurks. Remember when a young "nurse" testified in front of Congress in 1991 that she observed Iraqi soldiers babies thrown from incubators? It was a script written by an American PR firm, paid for by the Kuwaiti government, and the girl was the ambassador's daughter ACTING. She was a "crisis actor" and her fake testimony swayed public opinion and Congress votes to approve the Bush Gulf War. But that was a conspiracy theory, right? Nope, admitted.

  15. Remember when the Young Turks weren't a talking point for the liberal agenda and used to question both sides in search of the truth? I guess money really can change anybody.

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