OUT OF MAP Reinhardt Bug + Fake Overwatch Report System Conspiracies! | Overwatch News

Reinhardt is still broken. It’s REALLY BAD. You can actually get out of map with his bugs. Furthermore, some people are abusing the report system trying to prove it’s broken. ▻Twitch Stream:…




  1. So he took Blizzard's time to force them to ban him and that's awful, but we're all silly if we think that Blizzard hasn't automated the ban system?

  2. The report system is flawed. The evidence given by that guy is obviously fake, but a problem I had with one of your pieces of evidence is, to what I personally heard, sounded like "This guy didn't DDOS himself so it's obviously fake" even though I highly doubt you use your real name in your videos. The other fact is there is too many cases of these bans to think everything is fine. There's two reasons I know it's a problem;The report system caps at a 100 reports than you get automatically banned, if someone doesn't like you they can just report you, reports will stack and reach a 100 easily. For example, when you play a character others don't like, you have a high chance to be reported for throwing despite how much you do as the character. The second reason being the fact that it's automated. No matter how many people they have, they can't sort through millions of reports a day. Of course, I understand that but the problem is the report cap, that would reduce auto bans, hopefully allot, but probably not much. There's really no way for this system to be perfect, but it can be fixed to reduce the amount of false bans. Only time will tell how it goes, but the community can start expecting reports being used as threats because that's just superb, and expect more false ban cases. The problem with putting so much power in the player's hands, especially in overwatch, is that overwatch is toxic as fuck, and it will be abused by toxic players rather than help rid them. Imagine this;"If you don't switch off my main I will report you for throwing and being afk." Or "We lost, I'm reporting you all for throwing." If the report system does stay the same, there's a possibility that will be the reality, and that would be pretty rich to see.

  3. I actually experienced the wall glitch before,last night my friend was playing dva and got charged into the wall on numbani we came close to winning but we lost it. It feels like shit when broken things like this happens it gives the enemy team a unfair advantage

  4. The rienhardt bug is caused because rienhardt carries the person right in front of him and now rienhardt has to hit the wall for the charge to stop but by the time he does the person who got charged would have already made it through the wall and disconnected from the rienhardt. This glitch is very exploitable as well because there are plenty of thin peices of geometry mostly found in the middle of the map that can trap someone, and it doesnt take much to pin someone against these walls.

  5. I charged at orisa today while her ult was down and i killed her by pinning her to her super charger. I don't know if that's how it's supposed to be or if it's a bug like the street sign.

  6. i feel so bad for lone hawk he took a break comes back(no decline in quality or quantity of videos) and loses a lot of consistent viewers and likes

  7. I am sorry I couldnt ignore the game play

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