One “Collaborative Scheme” That Turned Out to be TRUE!

One “Collaborative Scheme” That Turned Out to be TRUE! – http://bit.ly/2qm1BFF —————————————————————————————————- Well, …




  1. WHY does everyone say 'this is no conspiracy'??? the word conspiracy means 2 or more people conspiring to do some thing illegal. but now everyone uses the word conspiracy to mean that it's bullshit or baseless. the silencing of conservatives IS a conspiracy!!!! let us call it what it is! we are surrounded by conspiracies of all sorts, all the time, let's face it and use the word all the time, political correctness is spawned in hell!

  2. Jesus Brah, I am incensed at how Lame and Blind people are as I read through your comments. If anyone is not paying attention to all that goes, INCLUDING THE BIBLICAL flooding, the fake war crap, the Admiralty Jurisdiction of the Courts we go to, who you make your Oath Pledge to, and start telling us the truth of the things that matter. All of you who Vote have ZERO Voice as it is for the Truth.

    He is going to be "let go" or step down because he is seeking his place in his Bunker. Here is a Physicists research in the short of it, you can hear her too if you search the channels recent videos.
    ucc 1-308

    Tell the Truth on the COURTS! This is who is running the "Shoe here"

    This is the Physicist's research and follow her there.

  3. The Tards are driving support to the Conservatives. I hope they keep it up. I want free mic night televised every night with NOTHING but Tards trying to argue their points. We need to hear them more to collect more support for our side. I believe there are still more good patriot Americans than NOT.

  4. Who's behind the WHITE GENOCIDE,trashing the White man,multi cultism,wars,bank fraud,drug running,illegal immigration and all the destruction? JEWS,Bolshevik Marxist JEWS!The Khazarian Mafia aka,Central bankers,Federal reserve,academia,ADL,SPLC,NAAPC,BLM,LGBT, media,publishing houses,drug,arms,human trafficking,pornography,just to name a few of many components to their sinister control grid.All owned by JEWS,Bolshevik Zionist Freemason JEWS,Russian mafia = JEWISH MAFIA! and their shills.For the Skeptical non-believers,look at these posts! https://youtu.be/2KYcgjUPPSY https://youtu.be/6e_SjQ51rME https://youtu.be/ES77TeuJ3qc https://youtu.be/Ut_Ox3kTIBU https://youtu.be/BUDU1X29SJU https://youtu.be/JJ0PVsD_eZE https://youtu.be/05hiF4oWmGE https://youtu.be/FCqQgJ3atNU https://youtu.be/YMpWrPh1Ma0 https://youtu.be/tx72tAWVcoM https://youtu.be/DLE9aWsVvGM https://youtu.be/BjwtGNgkS7A https://youtu.be/ZVi51lQ3TeQ https://youtu.be/ZA-JCLYeDro https://youtu.be/12fmLLB1avE https://youtu.be/msk4PhuIPYw https://youtu.be/0r5KeIXeTWA https://youtu.be/gfXecU3v-70 https://youtu.be/ubAR2vku2H4 http://www.veteranstoday.com/2015/03/08/the-hidden-history-of-the-incredibly-evil-khazarian-mafia/ https://youtu.be/CqaJFn4Xgbs https://youtu.be/K0th3WPLAcM https://youtu.be/NWwfr82ZiUE
    https://youtu.be/LJgnjew1CSwhttps://youtu.be/5va4dq_gG3M https://youtu.be/1HSs1ODZvUA https://youtu.be/IbJfwl1eIbA https://youtu.be/eQxPCo2NFVw https://youtu.be/5va4dq_gG3M https://youtu.be/DhoKe3Y1hSc https://youtu.be/7szWvBbrUkI https://youtu.be/tWl1wORuugk https://youtu.be/euPdkji0LT4 https://youtu.be/5BC7xSBAEkE https://youtu.be/ytWUKetp9AE https://vid.me/GXAl https://youtu.be/virfIlwxmuw https://youtu.be/vcPB9rpt45Q https://youtu.be/byCuGXr42M0 https://youtu.be/5PBNjaeG400 https://youtu.be/XXoOYaMCmm0 https://youtu.be/Qa_5BGL1JnQ https://youtu.be/Ut_Ox3kTIBU https://youtu.be/eVu4zqKu0dM https://youtu.be/ten6BNjcRhM https://youtu.be/lmdBIZoyYlo https://youtu.be/QBscq6GuAa4 https://youtu.be/1HIsjRd55CE https://youtu.be/5va4dq_gG3M https://youtu.be/5va4dq_gG3M https://youtu.be/OB4Gq6qynCg https://youtu.be/1JCR5LIYSDs https://youtu.be/vcPB9rpt45Q https://youtu.be/5BC7xSBAEkE https://youtu.be/Vzv46N-9-FE https://youtu.be/byCuGXr42M0 https://youtu.be/7Uk8dEDsekI https://youtu.be/GQ5PIz2gTnw http://tapnewswire.com/2016/02/confirmed-anti-german-parasite-angela-merkel-is-a-jew/ https://youtu.be/B5c4t5LWrhw https://youtu.be/YC1NejP6_bc https://youtu.be/dWcARHV71bU https://youtu.be/UqDLvaajLks https://youtu.be/Xzc0gYeGsbI https://youtu.be/4MBmqXG8Zp0 http://transferagreement.com/ https://youtu.be/vfHHiBBIfNg https://youtu.be/UMxZB_0sMgA https://youtu.be/D66ipXyTsjg https://youtu.be/pz2rDRbSqFw https://youtu.be/HJIk-qtZOwM https://youtu.be/Xzc0gYeGsbI https://youtu.be/3Q6VY3ioE20 https://youtu.be/p1VInFLaF4Ehttps://youtu.be/jgpu_4LiKLA https://youtu.be/vTF5LVu66_E https://youtu.be/tV2VSE5CGEg https://youtu.be/vTF5LVu66_E
    https://youtu.be/-v. https://youtu.be/OOPtIg75Yrw https://youtu.be/Ngl2cf3Xdfs
    https://youtu.be/KGsFMmcIfOw https://youtu.be/iyhB2RcrZvY
    https://youtu.be/PL0x2biiPwE https://youtu.be/ https://youtu.be/pxFZAQcHuNI https://youtu.be/bNVPdGWiJ- whttps://youtu.be/o2vp_OoT8DI

  5. You sound surprised that people would want to kill you over your politics. But isn't that what politics is by nature? It's a bloody battle of survival between two gene sets who are diametrically opposed and toxic to each other. We're going to have to recognize that sooner or later. Are we going to be an r species or a K species? We can't continue to ignore the problem and pretend we can all hold hands.

  6. fuck Hannity he's playing y'all !! just as trump and, Alex Jones did were screwed until you dumbasses realise ,it will continue!! it doesn't matter if they silence us they've already destroyed this country and talking about it isn't going to do a damm thing only option is revolution !!!!!!!!!

  7. Dude your not getting paid but I can still hear your voice! Not paying you for speaking is a different issue imo. I Love your information and views and listen every day.

  8. Now things will start happening. Events false flag(s), attacks as now we definitely see the good possibility of the many true believers having victory through Perserverance and Faith with Prayers always! You see those of us who See through all the false fronts, lies, deception and recognize that we can and will have a victorious result. After courageously enduring and persevering! Indications are that all is going well enough in the setup and later takedown. Believe it as that is the Truth!

  9. Thank you for reporting to us! so nice to hear people who tell the Truth! much appreciated! everyone on here needs to support you! you cannot be silenced!

  10. Hopefully, he will come around to see the Truth; 'they' are indeed conspiring to steal, kill & destroy (it's what they DO). It's a badge of honor to join

  11. the liberals are leading this country into socialism maybe even communism . The free ride they want will quickly vanish into food riots no free speech no rights, total government tyranny. Look into how the n. Korean people live no food nothing beyond the very basics too sustain life. NO xbox, no internet, no tv, no Bible, no nothing. guess they want fema camps, that will be the only legal gathering allowed under the new world order. I pray God will bless this country help us hold it together

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