On the road with the Mexico migrant caravan

People are just drifting into this town after walking through the early hours of the morning, busy with finding somewhere to sleep, finding food, somewhere to …




  1. We totally agree with President Trump….Democrats have no shame and they want to wreak havoc on our economy raise your taxes and brought in illegals and Muslim and gangs who were band century ago and attacking our constitution or laws you need to wake up ,this is a INVASION not asylum seekers….they already attacked Mexican police and their citizens…they think their welfair here and they can get housing and free food….and free medical…

  2. Red cross giving help but wouldnt help hurricane victim..they dont deserve it they need to go home…Democrats have no shame and they want to wreak havoc on our economy raise your taxes and brought in illegals and Muslim and gangs who were band century ago..build the wall and yes some are going back …

  3. Our constitution refers to them as illegal aliens. Illegals the lot. I'm an immigrant. That is what my papers said when I came here. I am also naturalized. I'm for Trump. I am not alone. All other (legal) immigrants that I know feel the same way. So long as the illegals are killing just Democrats while they are in our country, then I guess I have to be okay with that since it is the Democrats that are okay with that. I'm working on it. I'll get there. I still have a problem with this but I am working on it. Even Mexico said President Trump is right.

  4. What's sad is coming all that way to find out the US is not the country they think it is anymore, pretty much might as well stay in Mexico..

  5. All the bleeding hearts that want to let them all in, just think about where we would house, feed, and provide medical attention to these people..most of them have never had medical attention and definitely don't have immunizations… They carry fluids and bacterias that our immune systems are not accustomed to and we carry flus and bacterias that their immune systems are not accustomed to… This is all a recipe for disaster.. take the Mother with three children… She will need daycare, to work… There is no way she could work and make enough money to pay for that day care… We will now have to educate all three of those children… We will provide medical care for all four of them… We will have to provide housing cuz she will not make enough for housing,.. we will have to provide food because she will not make enough to pay for food for all of those children… So over a lifetime how much will that cost the taxpayers???.. that is just four of them… Wake up bleeding hearts

  6. The fact is, Americans are also struggling with jobs, violence, and poverty. For the past hundred years, America has been a beacon of hope for people all around the world, but now, the ship is sinking because too many people have jumped on board and the resources are running scarce.
    The core problem of all of this is the corrupt Honduras government. I see all these migrants who are so ready and willing to protest against the US for not letting them in, yet they show none of that passion in standing up against their own government. Of course, there's a fear of violence, but the US has gotten to where it is now because many people throughout history have paid with blood, sweat, and tears.
    Yes, they have a legal right to seek asylum, but the fact remains that the US doesn't have the resources to back up this international law. The responsibility to help these people falls on their own government, not the United States.

  7. If you coming to the US due to poverty, there are others that are far worse as well; hence you'll gonna have to wait patiently & go through protocol. If you are coming to the US due to crimes, then that says alot about your people. Even if you come to the States you'll gonna need learn to love and live peacefully as well. If your own country can't not solve your issues what makes you think another will. Perhaps, those 4thousand some migrants caravan need to come together to do something about their government and come together to make sure they can get food on their plate.

  8. We will let these migrants come under 2 conditions

    1) every sjw liberal cry babies gotta make these refugees live in their homes

    2) we need 5 refugees to live with Nancy pelosi and chuck schumer.

  9. U.S. Customs and Border Protection

    Name. Here’s a list of the border agents murdered by good peace loving immigrants. Here’s the list read the names they fought to keep us safe
    End of Watch
    Rogelio Martinez November 19, 2017
    Isaac Morales May 24, 2017
    David Gomez November 16, 2016
    Manuel A. Alvarez August 11, 2016
    Jose D. Barraza April 18, 2016
    Tyler R. Robledo September 12, 2014
    Javier Vega, Jr. August 3, 2014
    Alexander I. Giannini May 28, 2014
    Darrell J. Windhaus December 29, 2013
    David R. Delaney November 2, 2012
    Nicholas J. Ivie October 2, 2012
    Jeffrey Ramirez September 15, 2012
    James R. Dominguez July 19, 2012
    Leopoldo Cavazos Jr. July 6, 2012
    Eduardo Rojas Jr. May 12, 2011
    Hector R. Clark May 12, 2011
    Brian A. Terry December 15, 2010
    John R. Zykas September 8, 2010
    Michael V. Gallagher September 2, 2010
    Charles F. Collins II August 15, 2010
    Mark F. Van Doren May 24, 2010
    Trena R. McLaughlin September 14, 2009
    Robert W. Rosas Jr. July 23, 2009
    Cruz C. McGuire May 21, 2009
    Nathaniel A. Afolayan May 1, 2009
    Jarod C. Dittman March 30, 2008
    Luis Aguilar January 19, 2008
    Julio E. Baray September 24, 2007
    Eric Cabral July 26, 2007
    Robert F. Smith May 22, 2007
    Richard Goldstein May 11, 2007
    Clint B. Thrasher April 25, 2007
    David J. Tourscher March 16, 2007
    Ramon Nevarez Jr. March 15, 2007
    David N. Webb November 3, 2006
    Nicholas D. Greenig March 14, 2006
    George B. DeBates December 19, 2004
    Travis W. Attaway September 19, 2004
    Jeremy M. Wilson September 19, 2004
    James P. Epling December 16, 2003

  10. Dummy there sneaking into country. Trump right and I'm a Democrat. Trump needs to stop it. These people on here lying to get sympathy for migrants. These people wanting work in America . This are country we don't have to let them in. Go home to your country.

  11. "That's a Honduran/Guatemalan problem". Obviously this guy forgot that many trafficked American guns have contributed to this problem…and with all the corrupt cops in these countries who knows the actual crime statistics anyway?

  12. 7:15 they leave the country they love…. Really? What are they doing for their country?! In fact, why don't these reporters ask "what can you offer the United States" or "why should the US take you in?"

  13. Why don't you interview the officials of Honduras, Guatemala, etc. and ask them if they are ashamed that their people are leaving.

  14. Comments are ruthless , you try go through what these people go through , damn have a heart. Please stay blessed all who suffer🤜🤛✌✊✊✊✊✊✊stay strong ❤✌

  15. Every time I hear one of these invaders bad mouth Trump I want deport the trash the right way in a trash bag after a little one on one chat I can't stand these rats

  16. Carrying the Mexican flag, pfft…. send him back! The U.S. is not Mexico. If he is so proud to be a Mexican, then he needs to fix his own country, not bring his problems here, We have enough of our own. Not every American is rich and living well. Many are struggling and the illegals compound the problems for the poor and middle class. The wealthy no matter what country they are in never are hurt by the people, they just gain the cheap labor and take advantage of the poor.

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